A Comprehensive Look at the Different Uses of Smart Contracts Technology on the Healthureum Platform

Project Healthureum makes use of smart contracts on its blockchain technology. Blockchain-based smart contracts allow for the automatic implementation of the terms of multiparty agreements. Without the use of blockchain, which is a shared database, the use of smart contracts would be impossible as it is difficult for parties to such an agreement to maintain separate databases and be able to auto-execute contracts. However, with the blockchain shared database, the smart contracts auto-execute and all the parties on the network can verify the outcome in real-time without the need for third-party interventions. This not only reduces the risks of error and manipulation but also increase the speed of transactions.
Smart contracts have various uses, ranging from validating payments to streamlining processes that are spread across multiple databases and ERP systems. The following are the different uses of smart contract technology on the Healthureum platform:
Facilitate Payments
Smart contracts are used on the Healthureum platform to facilitate the deployment of Healthureum tokens (HHEM) to pay for services or fees procured on the platform. Smart contracts between medical practitioners and patients or between researchers and their funders are programmed to automatically execute themselves once all the agreed upon requirements of the contract are met. This makes payments on the platform to be fast and secure as they are protected using cryptography. Smart contracts get rid of the need for third-party intervention which makes the process more secure by eliminating human error and reducing fraud cases. The use of cryptography also helps to secure the transactions from being breached by hackers.
Increase Transparency of Supply Chain
Smart contracts help to improve transparency and accountability in the supply chain by enabling real-time verification for every step in the supply chain. Smart contracts allow for the recording of each step as a product moves from the manufacturer to the distributors up to the consumers. This can be essential in combating the counterfeit drug market which is estimated by Deloitte to be worth to be worth $200 billion annually and causes more than 100,000 deaths annually. The smart contracts can trace the manufactured drugs along the supply chain through use of hash codes that are assigned to each drug. When the drugs are discovered to be counterfeit, they can quickly trace it back to the manufacturer. The smart contract also facilitates quick verification of the suppliers as the blockchain maintains a record of all approved suppliers on the blockchain and the smart contract can easily verify which ones meet the threshold of approved suppliers.
Improving Insurance Claim Payments
The accusation of fraud practices plagues the insurance industry by frequently overbilling patients and delaying the processing of claim payments. Through the use of smart contract, Project Healthureum can significantly reduce these cases on its blockchain technology platform. Since the blockchain maintains a digital ledger of all the medical records and transactions of a patient, claim assessments can easily be verified through the use of timestamps. This eliminates the unnecessary delays that patients experience while awaiting the processing of their insurance claims. Smart contracts can then be used to auto-execute the payments of insurance claims to patients immediately all the terms of the contract are settled. This would eliminate the need for human intervention, getting rid of cases of overbilling and drastically reducing the number of fraud cases in the insurance industry.
Increase Transparency in Clinical Trials
Clinical trials need increased patient privacy, transparency and security of data to ensure the success of the trials by encouraging more participation in them. The smart contract can improve the process of clinical trials by increasing patient privacy protocols. Smart contracts allow patients to set parameters over who can access their data and whether to make their identity known or operate anonymously. Smart contracts also employ the use of privacy-preserving computation to improve data sharing between research and medical institutions. This enhances cross-institutional visibility into the process enabling the results of clinical trials to be verifiable and accurate through increased collaboration.
Increases Transparency in Research Projects
Research projects have been bogged down with accusations of using research funds for other purposes other than their intended use. Through the use of smart contracts, Project Healthureum can eliminate these risks. Smart contracts can be used to automatically make payments only once all the agreed upon requirements of the research project are met. This would help to eliminate cases of mismanagement of funds. They can also facilitate the sharing of research data by improving the patient consent management process which helps to protect patient privacy.
In Conclusion
The smart contract has an array of uses on the Healthureum platform that goes beyond just handling financial transactions. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/


How will Healthureum Improve how we Respond to Healthcare Emergencies?

Healthureum is a platform that provides patients with the best solutions to the problems that affect the system. Many challenges currently affect the industry and Healthureum have been designed to offer solutions to the challenges. How the industry responds to emergencies is one of the problems that have been affecting operations in the industry. The following are the main ways in which Healthureum is likely to improve the response to emergency situations in the healthcare sector.
Increase in the Speed of Fund Disbursement
One of the main issues that have made responses to emergency situations to be slow is the fact that funds are not released fast. Healthureum has structures that will enable funds to move quickly so that such cases are dealt with well. Responding to such cases always require resources set aside to be used to attend to the situations. Healthureum will ensure that the funds set aside are used to get such resources. In case a disaster strikes in a given region, funds will be transferred very fast so that clinics and hospitals within the region can offer the needed services immediately. Many people have been losing their lives in such situations because they do not get the help they need in time. Healthureum will enable the doctors and other medical practitioners to get the funds they need to use in such situations. It will make it easy to help patients who find themselves in such situations.
The Use of Smart Contracts
Smart contracts will also improve the response to emergency situations under Healthureum. There are times when it has been hard to save lives because there is no enough blood in the system. The current relies on people to volunteer and donate blood when a disaster strikes. It is possible to have enough blood in store if people have a transparent system that can be used to obtain and store the blood. Many people are willing to donate blood, but they shy away because they feel some people will end up making money by selling the blood. Smart contracts which are elements of Healthureum will bring another new element in the system making it easy to respond to the situations. Decentralization is likely to increase the number of people that can have access to the funds. For long duration, Disaster Relief Organizations have had control of the funds which is one of the reasons that have made access to the funds difficult. The use of decentralized systems will enable funds to be transferred very fast, and recipients will also get the chance to track how the money is being used in real time in Healthureum.
Transfer of Data will be Faster under Healthureum
One of the problems with the current system is that data takes longer to move from one part to the other, Healthureum has an elaborate and fast system that enables data to be sent from the patients to the doctors in case of an emergency. Healthureum proposes the use wearable devices to provide instant notifications to the practitioner so that they can offer help within the required time. Many people have died because they did not have access medical assistance in time to save their lives. The use of such devices will make it easy for the practitioners to access information about the patients. Once the devices changes in the body of the clients, the data is passed over to the system so that any nearby service provider can attend to the patient. The infrastructure to be used in Healthureum will be a better one, and this will improve the speed with which data is relayed from the patients to the doctors.

Qualified and Competent Services Providers
Healthureum will only allow those who are competent to the services. The current system has a lot of gaps that incompetent service providers use to get into the system. It is only skilled practitioners who can respond to emergency situations. Healthureum will ensure that such cases are dealt with in the manner in which they should be dispensed with. Getting such services has never been this easy. Patients will be at the center of the system, and this means that the patients will be served depending on the urgency of the situation.
Healthureum will be the ultimate solution to the problems that affect the medical sector. Emergency situations will be dealt with well so that the number of people who lose their lives due to late provision of medical services will go down. It will be the best technology that will change the industry for the benefit of the patients in the industry. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/

Is Healthureum the Best Solution we Have For the Increasingly Worsening State of Global Healthcare?

Healthcare sector has suffered a fair deal of ups and downs. Mainly because of the changing technology and the complexities that are involved in treating and curbing new diseases. It is somewhat sad to mention that the efficiency of service delivery has also been affected by the many parties and long chains that are involved in the medical field. At times, a patient will have to wait for the insurance company and lawyers to share relevant information before the patient can receive the desired medical attention.
It is clear that there has not been a reliable channel through which desired parties can share medical data securely. This lengthens the period that the patient waits to be attended to and also makes medical care extremely expensive. Healthureum has come up with new and reliable technology that will help solve the problems which are currently being experienced in the healthcare. Particularly the high operational and regulatory costs that are brought about by unnecessary complexities.
Through data sharing and employment of blockchain technology, Healthureum will use the following techniques to bring down the costs of administering healthcare;
Lower Transaction Costs by Using Blockchain
Blockchain technology is a digital ledger that easy to audit and eliminates third parties that slow the processes in the healthcare sector. Since the ledger is transparent and distributed across several healthcare facilities or departments, the regulatory costs are reduced. Blockchain eliminates the cost involved in tracing money laundry cases.
By Utilizing Smart Contracts
The contracts are based on predefined terms. Instead of relying on human opinions, healthcare processes are smoothly executed without error, manipulation o instances of fraud. Sharing of non-identifiable data is possible because the system will protect the patient’s identity while still allowing healthcare stakeholders to access data for analysis.
Secure Data Sharing
Blockchain allows all private and public keys to access the medical data that is distributed across the network. Both health caregivers and patients can access the data securely provided they have the required credentials. What’s more, with blockchain, a patient’s medical history can be updated regularly, and the network will hold information that harks back to when the patient was just a child. Such information when accessed by physicians and other specialist makes it easy for patients to get the ideal treatment package. This secure data sharing lowers the time taken to access the data and the operational cost efficiently.
Cost of Sharing Data Amongst Healthcare Institutions is Reduced
The secure access to patient’s data makes it easy for different organizations to access the data when needed. Blockchain has made it cheaper to obtain this information securely as long as the security credentials are legit. Before blockchain, accessing information from one hospital to another was a lengthy [process full of third parties that made the whole process expensive. Blockchain has improved efficiency in data sharing while reducing the cost of transferring patient records. Since blockchain is decentralized in nature, it is easy to maintain a secure system that doesn’t require lots of maintenance costs to prevent hackers from access patient’s data illegally. The cost of auditing is also lowered.
Improved Billing Thanks to HHEM Tokenization
Healthureum does away the human errors that are common in hospitals billing departments. Due to inaccurate information shared from one person to another, billing takes extremely lengthy period while errors are prevalent. With Blockchain technology, different agencies will access accurate data and make billing a faster process. Healthureum is also using tokens which are at the centre of their operation to pay for medical costs and to reward different healthcare personnel’s who excel at disseminating accurate information accurately on the blockchain network.
Maintaining the Integrity of the Global Drug Supply Chain
The pharmaceutical companies incur about $200 loss per year due to counterfeit drugs entering the healthcare sector. With blockchain, the problem can be eliminated entirely using private keys and smart contract technology. The system will trace the supply chain down to the source and will eliminate entry of fake drugs into the market.
Healthureum will utilize blockchain to share accurate information, interconnect departments and healthcare organizations thus lowering the cost that is brought by the intermediaries and other third parties that make service delivery a long process. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/

Why Healthureum is an Illustration that a Shift towards Incentivizing Preventative Measures is Proving Popular in Large-scale Health Management

The modern healthcare system entails taking a more proactive approach to dealing with common diseases. Our only chance at improving our large-scale health management is taking the first step of preventing the disease before it goes to a broader scale.
Healthureum has a much similar approach and combines the blockchain technology to have a proactive approach to diseases. How has Healthureum made this possible? Here are some of the preventive measures Healthureum uses to counter common diseases.
Research programs
One of Healthureum’s counter-measures for common diseases is the use of research and learning programs. Through the blockchain technology, Healthureum safely stores all the patient’s data on its platform. This data is the source of research for practitioners as they can view trends in disease of the patient data index. Additionally, the information on Healthureum assists practitioners to have a proactive approach when monitoring clinical trials, especially common conditions like cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. The platform allows public donations of data from patients in paid and unpaid programs. Patients have control over their medical data and can decide whether to contribute their information for the research programs in Healthureum.
Philanthropic Activities
More often than not, the donations made to improve public health does not go to the intended purpose. To the philanthropists, they never get to know what goes on after the fundraiser. However, Healthureum aims to change the donating experience completely. Under Healthureum’s ecosystem philanthropists can join the platform and contribute to diseases that affect the population like cancer, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. In return, Healthureum uses the funds to undertake research and development for medical breakthroughs in some of the chronic diseases affecting people. Furthermore, the philanthropists easily track their donations to ensure integrity.
Use of Pathology and Diagnostic tests
All patients within the Healthureum ecosystem are set to undergo pathology test and diagnostic tests within their treatment plan. Through Healthureum’s chain of medical practitioners, patients can experience diagnostic tests such as lipid profile, iron studies, blood count, and diabetes panel among other assessments. Doctors are easily able to identify new diseases and counter them before they break out. In short, the tests help prevent common diseases outbreaks by early diagnosis of the condition. With such criteria and trial, Healthureum further ensures that doctors make an informed decision on the type of treatment that best suits the situation. Such quality initial healthcare takes a proactive approach to diseases, by countering them before they are a significant problem. Also, the laboratories can store the patient’s results on Healthureum’s ecosystem for viewing by the patients.
Data systemization
Healthureum decentralized ecosystem allows patients to integrate higher health records under a single encrypted platform. The data systemization provides for a safe and trusted network for sharing, storage, and collaboration of data with efficient capacity. The information might range from personal data, x-ray test, prescription, treatment plans or clinical trials. With a platform that allows such capabilities, Healthureum is providing an efficient mode of preventing common diseases through the access of data. Medical practitioners can sift through the patient that made available through information sharing to identify rising cases of a particular illness. Once recognized appropriate countermeasures are undertaken to slow down the epidemic while finding a cure.
Enabling Doctor Consultation and Referrals
One aspect of countering common disease is improving the chances of consulting a doctor and references. Healthureum ecosystem allows patients easy access to a doctor through video consultation, reducing the time spent on booking appointments and queuing. Moreover, if the doctor is unsure of the treatment plan, he can seek an opinion from another practitioner for better healthcare advice. This is beneficial for patients especially those with illnesses that are not quickly identifiable. Combining the medical practitioners’ knowledge will also guide on what treatment regime that will suit the patient’s condition. Healthureum uses such technology to help reduce cases of common disease with their easy access to doctors at a faster rate.
Final thoughts
The fight against large-scale diseases requires central planning and adequate countermeasures. The best way to achieve this would be by incorporating technology. Healthureum is integrating the blockchain technology to fight against these common diseases. As such, Healthureum’s countermeasures seem to be working where our current structure is failing. The platform has already shown positive benefits of combating the illnesses by improving various elements o healthcare delivery. Such abilities present Healthureum as a viable solution to our global health management problems. Within time, Healthureum will revolutionize our healthcare to a more efficient health structure. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/

Healthureum, Transforming the Global Healthcare Prospects a Step at a Time

Healthureum has helped millions of people around the globe understand medical institutions and how they function. By providing knowledge regarding the current state of affairs in the sector and ways in which we can improve healthcare, the project is forcing more people to reconsider the decisions they make regarding their health. Not to mention, the glaring differences between the level of care you receive from hospitals around the world needs to be addressed as well as the inaccessibility of specialist practitioners.
However, with Healthureum, patients will be able to participate and even receive rewards for their participation. Not to mention, patients will now feel more secure when visiting the doctor and even when at home because their medical information will be stored beyond the reach of hackers or fraudulent medical practitioners. This sense of transparency provided by Healthureum helps patients put more faith in the healthcare system which helps in the fight against counterfeit drugs and clinics.
Requirements for treatment programs as well as the availability of state-of-the-art medical equipment need to be revised too. However, as much as all these changes will indirectly affect the patient by helping them get the best health care at a low price, there are certain perks that they will receive in addition to joining the Healthureum platform. At the moment, only philanthropists and a select few from society are involved in medical research programs.
Still, these are not the only ways Healthureum will change your perspective regarding your healthcare decisions, here are some more pointers.
• Data Security
Healthureum will use Blockchain technology to ensure that all patient data is recorded and stored appropriately. The EHR systems used to record and store data in various hospitals are vulnerable to hacking, and the numerous cases involving leaked medical documents can attest to that claim. Not to mention, when it comes to sharing medical data between healthcare facilitates these systems are both slow and take up a lot of time seeing the information is stored differently depending on the hospital.
However, the project will use Blockchain technology to chronologically store data making its retrieval and distribution much more manageable. Participants will be awarded a master patient index which will enable them to access their medical information whenever they deem fit. Not to mention, this new technology will also improve data security considering it is tamperproof and does not allow for alteration of medical data without informing all involved participants.
• Global Service
Whenever we think of traveling, we have to ensure that we are in good shape and even take the necessary vaccines before entering a new county. However, despite all these measures to keep our bodies in top form, disease or an accident can strike without warning prompting a visit to the nearest doctor. Seeing how medical institutions have varying methods of storing information, it might take some time before your doctor back at home completes a referral.
On the other hand, with Healthureum, you will not only be able to request and get referrals at a fast rate but can also consult your doctor from any place in the world. Online consultations, as opposed to physical visits to the hospital, will also reduce queues and increase the quality of service received at medical institutions.

• Improved Knowledge of Medical Facilities, Practitioners, and Drugs
Who would have thought that your trusted pharmacist sells cheap counterfeit drugs? These drugs, as well as underqualified medical practitioners, are responsible for the death of over 100,000 people every year. Nonetheless, with the Healthureum, patients will not only be able to identify doctors and the areas they are allowed to practice but counterfeit drugs as well.
As such, more people will have faith in the healthcare system and ensure they get the best care possible.
• A Chance to Contribute to the Healthcare System
As mentioned earlier, philanthropists are a vital part of any sector, especially health. However, fraud has made it hard for most sponsors to pour their resources on medical institutions and barred their growth. Nevertheless, with Healthureum’s Blockchain technology sponsors as well as patients, will be able to make contributions to the world of medicine and follow up on the progress.
Patients will be able to donate their medical details for research and will be rewarded with HHEM tokens, which are used for all services on the Healthureum ecosystem.
• Better and Affordable Healthcare Options
Lastly, and most importantly, millions of people around the world will finally be able to have access to affordable healthcare. Healthureum plans to connect all medical institutions globally and set standards for data capturing and storage as well as treatment plans. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/

Healthureum’s Ecosystem is Built on the Premises of Scalability and Decentralization. Here’s Why

Having a favorable working environment is the key to yielding productivity in the health sector. The ability of medical practitioners to expand their knowledge, reach out to patients and participate in life-marking events, all boil down to the infrastructure set in place in their respective workstations. Healthureum creates a favorable working condition for all health practitioners in various fields of the healthcare delivery. Patients also get the safety and assurance they require in seeking professional medical services at Healthureum. Medical researchers and other modern-day health scholars find quiet time in the Healthureum ecosystem to carry out their duties with ascertained data quality. The satisfaction of every stakeholder is the primary mandate of Healthureum and here is how the It-enabled system has managed to achieve scalability and decentralization in its operations:
Token Structure
The use of proper payment methods is a significant consideration in the health sector. Apart from the pre-announced free activities such as free disease screening days conducted by various hospitals at particular times of the year, Individuals seeking any form of medical attention are required to pay for the services offered. In most health facilities, payments are made beforehand as some patients get to disappear right after consultations. Therefore, a system is not complete with proper circulation of currency; Healthureum has its own. The use of the HTH token makes it possible for the smooth execution of transactions on the Healthureum platform. All the services pertaining anything to do with healthcare such as consultations, diagnostics, payments to support given activities, insurance claims and much more are enabled by the use of presold tokens. The system is faster efficient and is secured by cryptography. Through the use of Healthureum Smart contracts, the ERC20 token used by the system ensures accuracy in every transaction by ensuring that each one of them meets the required standards of operation.
Benefactor Activities
The support of hospitals to achieve their goals towards service provision in society demand more resources in terms human and financial help. Therefore, health centers heavily depend on well-wishers in the purchase of certain hospital equipment, undertaking necessary hospital infrastructure repairs, the building of more clinics and even in controlling disasters. All these require a well set up of similar Healthureum blockchain enabled systems to assemble all the necessary stakeholders. While various entities and financially stable individuals might want to offer their help in boosting the operations of hospitals, they require assurance that their input will be placed into appropriate use.IT-enabled systems such as Healthureum enables accountability while emphasizing on transparency. People get to log into the Healthureum system at any anytime and retrieve the information they need, on the progress of the projects they are supporting. By allowing various updating project related information through system Healthureum, benefactors get comprehensive coverage on the efforts placed towards the achievement of specific time frame goals.
Doctor Consultations and Referrals
Healthureum uses a wide range of options in improving the process of healthcare services provided to patients. Illnesses occur at any time of the day without warnings on the distance to hospitals or consideration of the availability of medical practitioners. This means that when individuals fall sick, at whatever time of the day and in whichever place, the first thing that crosses their minds is a call to the doctor. What then if the call goes unanswered or worse if the specialist conversant with their illness is out of town? With the long list of specialists on Healthureum, individuals can never run short of medics to consult. By offering different options of doctor consultations, Healthureum digs deeper into the share market of the health industry. After all who doesn’t like convenience? Nothing calms down an agitated patient as a video chat with a medical professional. This helps a lot more so in cases concerning minor heart attacks or delusions caused by side effects of certain medications. With instructions on how to deal the situation at hand, the horizons on what it takes to save human life keep expanding.
Imagine the tedious process involved in seeking referrals. What if you find out there is a faster way of going about it? With Healthureum, individuals get instant referral confirmations to hospitals of their choice. Health facilitators use Healthureum to refer patients to accredited medical facilities while making follow-ups into making sure the patient receives the best reception and gets the medical services they needed.
The way of operations adopted by Healthureum meets special requirements on the efficiency of an entity. With Healthureum, the healthcare sector can be expanded into various directions while maintaining its course. It is like controlling everything in the palm of your hands. Interesting, right? More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/

Here’s How Healthureum will Encourage Healthcare-Focused Innovation

Healthureum makes use of an electronic method of storing health records. There is a debate of whether Healthureum will be able to serve the increasing number of users. Just like in the currency exchange field, there are many people who are now using the electronic health records. This means that if the system is not well taken care of, there might be risks of other people accessing data belonging to other people. There are laid down strategies that will be used to ensure that scalability is achieved. The electronic health records are a more improved method of ensuring that medical data is stored in an organized manner to ensure that no third party can access the data. The following are the strategies that will be used to ensure the system adapts to the changing circumstances in the industry.
Creation of Reference Points
Just like any other system, blockchain technology has its limits. There is a given set of data that should not be made available to every person using the system. This means that there has to be a system that can be sued to verify whether a given person has the permission to use the data that has been uploaded to the system. The use of hash codes is one of the ways that people can use to ensure that a given set of data may not be accessed by people who are not authorized. This is a method that will be used to verify the people who want to access the data.
For example, if one wishes to access an x-ray belonging to another person, they have to confirm with the source of the data that they are authorized to access it. As the number of people using the system increases, there are high chances that fraudsters can access the data for malicious reasons. The use of the hash codes can be a good way of ensuring that no fraudster can access the data that has been stored on the system. Large data files that might not be easy to store on the system will have to be stored on the chain and allow the owner of the data to have control over it. This implies that no one will have access to the file without contacting the owner of the file. If a doctor wants to access the file, he or she will have to prove that they intend to use the data for good use and that they are he or she is not a fraudster.
Collaboration with IT Experts
As the industry continues to grow, it is likely that there are many challenges that will be encountered by different parties. The system might end up experiencing challenges as a result of the increasing number of people using it. With continued consultation with the IT experts, it will be possible for the stakeholders to ensure they have a system that can accommodate every person.
Healthureum will make use of the IT experts who can come up with a more comprehensive platform to enable both the doctors and the patients interact well. With the increasing cost of accessing the medical services, the stakeholders keep o looking for a virtual healthcare platform that ensures the clients can access online consultation at any time. Collaboration with the IT experts will ensure that the platform responds to the changing times in the industry. Collaboration is the only way that people will use to ensure the system works so that every client can get the services they need from the industry.

Development of APIs
The APIs can be used to ensure that people with similar symptoms get access to medical attention that they need. The system will have a challenge of fewer practitioners compared to the number of clients who need their services. The use of this technology will enable the doctors to access the data that they need. This means that one is able to access the data that he or she needs from the system and keep the data that they take as private.
In conclusion, scalability will not be a big problem to the system because there are already laid down strategies that will be used to everyone get the data that they need. Most experts agree that Healthureum is set to achieve a lot of positive things and improve the outlook of the industry. The health sector will be more organized compared to the traditional health sector that was resource based. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/

How Can an Ordinary Citizen Benefit from Healthureum’s New Doctor-Patient Referral System?

Healthureum will provide patients with referrals that are conveniently located near the location of the patient. The project will eliminate additional costs that come with the traditional referrals from your General Practitioner. The doctors to whom you will be referred to will be tracked by the blockchain technology ensuring that they have a good record. Details of their residency, education, qualification, and affiliations will be scrutinized before a patient is referred. Healthureum will provide patients with referrals that are conveniently located near the location of the patient. The project will eliminate additional costs that come with the traditional referrals from your General Practitioner. The doctors to whom you will be referred to will be tracked by the blockchain technology ensuring that they have a good record. Details of their residency, education, qualification, and affiliations will be scrutinized before a patient is referred. With Blockchain technology, medical personnel who offer medical consultation and referrals are rewarded using the HHEM healthureum tokens. When patients seek a referral to the laboratories, the labs are vetted by the Healthureum to ensure that professionalism and quality are provided, your data as a patient is uploaded on the Healthureum ecosystem making it easy for your healthcare physician to access the data. Referrals to the laboratories can be booked on the Healthureum platform. Payment for the tests and scans taken will also be made on the blockchain technology using smart contracts and tokens.Due to the limited resources in the healthcare sectors, hospitals and doctors are opening up to the idea of virtual consultation and referrals to make service delivery more efficient and convenient. Blockchain has introduced competitive services being offered online which involve video consultation. Revamped Doctor ConsultationHealthureum has integrated video consultation into their ecosystem. Patients have smooth and faster access to professionals who are ready to guide them through consultations and get referred to the right doctors on the same Healthureum platform. Via the Healthureum network, patients get to enjoy the benefit of getting second opinions from other professionals on the network. During referral process, the data collected during online consultations is passed along to the next doctor in a secure way through blockchain technology. The identity of the patient remains undisclosed to the general public or entities, but the patient gets attended to at a faster rate. Healthureum aims at implementing APIs that will make it easy for institutions to share patents data. This will make it easy for longitudinal information to be shard, especially during referrals. When unsure of your prognosis or the right treatment plan, Healthureum platform gives you a chance to seek a second opinion.
Such a platform will benefit a person with;• Symptoms that need prognosis• Those that lack trust in the first opinion given• Those with limited access to healthcare advisors• When there is a need for a specialist opinion• When one has busy schedules, and is unable to see a doctor personally• When a disease presents some degree of complexity or when it is a rare condition.Improved Doctor Referrals SystemReferrals from a general practitioner to specialist professionals in the medical field can be expensive. Healthureum platform aims at averting such costs. A registered healthcare professional will refer you to the healthureum ecosystem and still serve as a guide or mentor on the right healthcare needs for you. Referrals through healthureum are vetted by the blockchain technology thus eliminating the risks of ending up at the hands of a quack. The referrals are less tedious as compared to the traditional ones. You do not have to spend time moving from one hospital to another for consultation; you will also save the money you would have you on transport. The time can be used on the other productive things in your life. Healthureum ecosystem links you to the doctor who is near your home making it even more convenient. Moving from one hospital to another is not easy especially for patients who are terminally ill. The energy they have should be preserved to help recover. Utilizing Healthureum doctor referral model will give the patients a chance to save their energy and thus recover without lots of unnecessary pressure.When referred to a given clinic or laboratory, the patient will pay using the tokens and will access the following diagnostics services;• Lipid profile • Diabetic panel• Glycosylated hemoglobin • Iron studies• Full blood count and • Fever panel among othersIn ClosingUsing Healthureum platform, the blockchain technology, and the HHEM tokens, getting a reliable referral is possible. The blockchain technology takes care of data privacy and security, while the HHEM tokens make it possible to pay for your services at the comfort of your home or office.  The laboratories and clinics that you will be referred to will be vetted through blockchain. The technology will ensure that the laboratories use the right equipment that is legit and in good shape. The specialists to whom you will be referred to will also be vetted on the same platform. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/


How Healthureum Proves that Blockchain Technology can Facilitate a More Robust Healthcare System

The healthcare sector has been experiencing a lot of challenges that make it hard for clients to get the best services. So many adjustments have continued to take place, but they have not fully solved all the problems. To create solutions to the issues, there is a need for a more robust platform that takes care of the patient’s welfare while ensuring that the practitioners also enjoy their freedom. Healthureum is the latest improvement that has taken place in this industry. The main feature, which makes Healthureum the best platform, is the use of blockchain technology. Here is why blockchain under Healthureum can facilitate a healthier system than the one in use now.
Healthureum Provides the Best Way of Dealing with Emergencies
Many people lose their lives because the current system cannot tackle urgent situations with the urgency they need. It takes a lot of time for information to move from one point to the other within the system. The healthcare system is not able to help people who are in such situation, and this is why many reported deaths result from delayed services. Healthureum, through the blockchain technology, will provide a fast and reliable system that can be used by both patients and the medical practitioners to relay information from one end to the other. The system will provide numerous solutions to the emergency situations so that patients can get the help within the time they need it. Though the connection with the disaster management organizations, Healthureum will create a platform where the organizations can donate money to be used during emergencies and still be able to track usage.
Ability to Access Quality Services
The ability of clients to access the best quality services is another problem that the system faces. It is not easy to identify the best service providers within the system. For this reason, some patients have opted for the cheaper practitioners, yet they offer low-quality services that cause more harm than good to the body of the patient. Healthureum will create a platform where before one is allowed to join, they have to confirm that they can provide the quality services. Standardization of the services is one of the things that make the industry to run well. Healthureum will also allow the patients to see the reviews posted by other clients so that they know the people that can provide the best services. It will be easy to access quality services using this system compared to how it is in the current system. Healthureum will also allow other patients to provide second opinions and referrals which mean that the patients will be able to get direction about the best clinics and pharmacies in the industry.
Efficiency within Healthureum
If there is one aspect that destroys the image of any system is the inability to provide services efficiently. Healthureum will make it easy for patients to books appointments in case they need consultations. It will be simple to obtain information from the system since you can always talk to more than one doctor. Consultations are healthy within any system because they help the stakeholders to come up with the best solutions for the problems affecting them. Another aspect of efficiency within Healthureum that has been brought about by the use of blockchain technology is accountability. Any money spent by the patients on the system can be accounted for by the clinics. The application of smart contracts in this transaction produces all information about the engagement and is stored in the system. Healthureum is a system that will safety the data to be guaranteed. Safeguarding data integrity, which has been a challenge for a long period, will be easy on this platform. The patients will be the managers for their data, and they will have the authority to allow people access the data.
Trust is another essential aspect that will be part of the blockchain technology applied in the running of Healthureum. There are two situations when Healthureum will succeed in winning the trust of the participants. The first case is when philanthropists contribute money to be used in research to improve the system. The sponsors will have the opportunity to track how the money is used. Another case is when patients make payments for the services they need. Unlike in the current method, Healthureum will automatically calculate the amount they should pay before they pay using the HHEM tokens.
The challenges facing the healthcare sector are some of the factors that push for the change. Blockchain technology used in Healthureum will provide a variety of solutions to the numerous problems thereby creating a healthy system for the best operations.More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/

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