Is Healthureum the Best Solution we Have For the Increasingly Worsening State of Global Healthcare?

Healthcare sector has suffered a fair deal of ups and downs. Mainly because of the changing technology and the complexities that are involved in treating and curbing new diseases. It is somewhat sad to mention that the efficiency of service delivery has also been affected by the many parties and long chains that are involved in the medical field. At times, a patient will have to wait for the insurance company and lawyers to share relevant information before the patient can receive the desired medical attention.
It is clear that there has not been a reliable channel through which desired parties can share medical data securely. This lengthens the period that the patient waits to be attended to and also makes medical care extremely expensive. Healthureum has come up with new and reliable technology that will help solve the problems which are currently being experienced in the healthcare. Particularly the high operational and regulatory costs that are brought about by unnecessary complexities.
Through data sharing and employment of blockchain technology, Healthureum will use the following techniques to bring down the costs of administering healthcare;
Lower Transaction Costs by Using Blockchain
Blockchain technology is a digital ledger that easy to audit and eliminates third parties that slow the processes in the healthcare sector. Since the ledger is transparent and distributed across several healthcare facilities or departments, the regulatory costs are reduced. Blockchain eliminates the cost involved in tracing money laundry cases.
By Utilizing Smart Contracts
The contracts are based on predefined terms. Instead of relying on human opinions, healthcare processes are smoothly executed without error, manipulation o instances of fraud. Sharing of non-identifiable data is possible because the system will protect the patient’s identity while still allowing healthcare stakeholders to access data for analysis.
Secure Data Sharing
Blockchain allows all private and public keys to access the medical data that is distributed across the network. Both health caregivers and patients can access the data securely provided they have the required credentials. What’s more, with blockchain, a patient’s medical history can be updated regularly, and the network will hold information that harks back to when the patient was just a child. Such information when accessed by physicians and other specialist makes it easy for patients to get the ideal treatment package. This secure data sharing lowers the time taken to access the data and the operational cost efficiently.
Cost of Sharing Data Amongst Healthcare Institutions is Reduced
The secure access to patient’s data makes it easy for different organizations to access the data when needed. Blockchain has made it cheaper to obtain this information securely as long as the security credentials are legit. Before blockchain, accessing information from one hospital to another was a lengthy [process full of third parties that made the whole process expensive. Blockchain has improved efficiency in data sharing while reducing the cost of transferring patient records. Since blockchain is decentralized in nature, it is easy to maintain a secure system that doesn’t require lots of maintenance costs to prevent hackers from access patient’s data illegally. The cost of auditing is also lowered.
Improved Billing Thanks to HHEM Tokenization
Healthureum does away the human errors that are common in hospitals billing departments. Due to inaccurate information shared from one person to another, billing takes extremely lengthy period while errors are prevalent. With Blockchain technology, different agencies will access accurate data and make billing a faster process. Healthureum is also using tokens which are at the centre of their operation to pay for medical costs and to reward different healthcare personnel’s who excel at disseminating accurate information accurately on the blockchain network.
Maintaining the Integrity of the Global Drug Supply Chain
The pharmaceutical companies incur about $200 loss per year due to counterfeit drugs entering the healthcare sector. With blockchain, the problem can be eliminated entirely using private keys and smart contract technology. The system will trace the supply chain down to the source and will eliminate entry of fake drugs into the market.
Healthureum will utilize blockchain to share accurate information, interconnect departments and healthcare organizations thus lowering the cost that is brought by the intermediaries and other third parties that make service delivery a long process. More information visit


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