Here’s How the Implementation of Healthureum is Going to Unfold

Look around. Healthureum is on course of being one of the most disruptive and revolutionary global inventions of the 21st century. There’s simply no denying this, mainly when one puts into consideration the level of groundwork, technological infrastructure, and operational planning that has so far gone into the venture. Overall, the project is a milestone-based approach that is aimed at rehabilitating the global healthcare standards as we know them. The project revolves around six prime goals that are projected to be gradually accomplished over the next 3 to 4 years. At the end of the day, Healthureum will be a comprehensive multi-pronged solution that is projected at introducing a positive breath of fresh air into the current flawed healthcare sector.
That aside, here’s a quick primer on the long-term strategy behind this revolutionary project.
First Step: Promotion of Interoperability
Another reason why Healthureum is set to take the world by a storm, stems from the viability of the interoperability agenda that it so strongly promotes. If anything, this is one of the challenges that the project was created to deal with, in the first place. The founders that spearheaded the long-term strategy behind Healthureum envisioned a world where standard and quality healthcare was accessible to everyone – even the poorest in the society. However, this is only possible if we embrace harmonious interoperability between the two different facets of global healthcare – private and public healthcare.
By utilizing the limitless potential of a blockchain-powered network, Healthureum will ensure an effortless, seamless, practical and profitable sharing of resources between private and public healthcare infrastructures. In essence, it will be making healthcare accessible to the economically disadvantaged members of the society for a fraction of the current price tags. And in the fullness of time, the integration of blockchain technology will make comprehensive and mandatory health insurance for everyone in the globe a reality.
Second Step: Implementation of a Global Healthcare Unit on a Blockchain-Powered Network
The blockchain is without a doubt the lifeline of Healthureum. The element of cryptography and immunity to hacking or unauthorized access by third parties that the presence of blockchain technology introduces to Healthureum is beyond priceless. What’s more, the blockchain technology makes it vastly easy for the users of the project to ensure data integrity throughout all facets of the project. In fact, the blockchain aspect of the project is one of the numerous reasons that Healthureum is likely to make a very significant impact on the global scene as soon as it is widely adopted. Not to mention, the universality of blockchain technology makes Healthureum globally acceptable. It will not be restricted to a single political, geographical or regional frontier
Step Three: Holding an Initial Token Generation Event (TGE) to Introduce it the Public
The Healthureum token is basically an ERC20 token that is implemented on the already successful Ethereum open source platform. The token, which will take centerstage in this project, will enable the deployment of smart contract technology in the ecosystem and the subsequent interoperability of two vastly different facets of modern healthcare. Besides this, the HHEM token will be used as the medium of exchange and holder of monetary value as far as transactions within the medium going. And this includes the payment of both general fees and rewards for the services rendered in the ecosystem by different parties.
Nonetheless, to avert a situation where one or two people hold a majority of these tokens, the strategists behind the success of Healthureum saw it fit to introduce a public TGE to give a chance to interested parties to adopt the venture. Here, it expected that venture capitalist and private backers (especially those who recognize the immense potential of such an establishment) to join the bandwagon to claim a piece of the pie. Speaking of which, these tokens will be held in a unique multi-sign wallet and will be distributed in a structured and transparent manner to facilitate access to services within the ecosystem.
The Bottom Line
The culmination of the long-term strategy behind Healthureum will be marked by the increased accessibility to project funding by the second year after the launch of the venture. Now, considering that facilitating project funding and research is one of the major objectives of the new Sustainable Development Goals unveiled just recently by the United Nations, major multinational and global organizations are expected to join the bandwagon. More information visit


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