Healthureum – A Fascinating Combination of Healthcare and Technology

As a highly-anticipated project, Healthureum seeks to combine the blockchain technology and our healthcare. With the problems facing our health services ranging from long doctor queues, financial constraints to interoperability, the use of blockchain technology seems to mitigate all these flaws.
Thanks to the Ethereum-based platform, many of the sectors significant problems will look like a thing of the past. The combined use of blockchain and smart contract technology into our healthcare will help bring a means of countering inflated costs, improve transparency and standardization. And with the exciting opportunities presented to patients and practitioners, Healthureum goal of ratifying our health care seems now more than ever achievable without a doubt. If you are still wondering how Healthureum comes into play, here’s a look at the problems it is set to overcome shortly.
Data Management
Let’s face it; our healthcare services seem stretched with the piling medical data and research records. The rising population means more and more patient data is generated itself on a daily basis and the health facilities are not capable of handling the capacity. With the conventional notion that data handling is a big challenge, Healthureum is out to overwrite this popular belief through blockchain technology. A practical solution is through uniting our data. The platform will ensure that all patients’ records and data storage takes place on a single network that is encrypted to safeguard the information.
Also, the project will allow for efficient and fast sharing of data between patients and health institutions through the global decentralized Healthureum platform. A good area that will receive a compliment when it comes to data-sharing is research programs. This means the future healthcare solution will no longer restrict a patient to one medical facility, while also allowing privileged access to patient’s records for medical practitioners for research or diagnosis purposes. Such a platform gives patients and comfortable access to their medical history with safety and integrity of your information guaranteed from data leaks. And with the number of data breaches witnessed within health institutions, a blockchain solution seems like the best answer to our hacking problems. The sophistication of the blockchain makes it hard for cyber-criminals to gain access to patients’ medical history, which ensures complete privacy for the patients.
Access to Affordable Medical Care
It is easy to identify health care as an expensive matter. Most people lack adequate healthcare coverage, and a significant contributor is an expense that one incurs. Across the globe, a majority of patients requires affordable health insurance, and this presents itself as a sticky situation especially in times of emergency.
Combating the Spread of Counterfeit Drugs within the System
The healthcare sector is filled with counterfeit drugs distributed in clinics and pharmacies across the globe. In case of a recall, healthcare systems have a hard time tracking the drug supply chain and end up with counterfeit drugs and losses. However, Healthureum can fix this problem using blockchain technology, which identifies the hash codes on the drugs making it easy to improve their traceability.
Healthureum is even supported by pharmacy and life science leaders after a study in mid-2017 by Pistoia Alliance saw 68% of these leaders agree to blockchain drastically improving medication supply chain management. Healthureum will do the healthcare sector one better and also improve associated gains in patient safety. Service consolidation will be more natural once the healthcare providers and the drugs found in pharmacies are legitimized.
In Closing
Moreover, the platform has built a trust network between patients, health institutions, doctors and medical supplies that enable all health industry stakeholders to collaborate and share information on a single platform. This is perhaps the first of its kind and it’s no doubt that Healthureum will radically change how we presume our healthcare system. The project will eliminate fraud, bureaucracy and best of all is the number of false insurance claims is bound to reduce. Such implications paint a picture of not just an Ethereum-based token but an innovative application that will secure our health in the future. For anyone who aims for an ideal healthcare option, it is imperative that they jump on the Healthureum bandwagon and be the first to experience a seamless combination of healthcare and blockchain to benefit humankind. More information visit


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