Can Blockchain Really Improve the Worldwide Standards of the Global Healthcare Industry?

Perhaps one of the most notable manifestations of the unevenness of the world is on the topic of healthcare. Despite the widespread growth of technological development, low- to middle-income nations are still mostly excluded from having access to affordable and appropriate health technologies. As a result, new modern devices and innovations must be developed to address health issues and enhance the quality of life.
Without a doubt, innovation is necessary for better global health, particularly with the urgent need of fighting new diseases from Zika to Ebola. One such promising development is known as Project Healthureum, a blockchain-powered network. Find out more information about it here below and how it has the potential to help improve the current universal standards in healthcare.
Maximizing the Benefits of Blockchain Technology
A blockchain is fundamentally an electronic ledger that supports decentralized transactions and secure data distribution across multiple devices within its network. This innovative technology is the foundation of the popular Bitcoin currency, and it utilizes cryptography to ensure safe delivery of data and records all transactions chronologically. Additionally, the data in the blockchain cannot be illegally removed, access or altered in any way.
With blockchain as the base of Healthureum, it brings a tamperproof aspect and offers hope for a transparent, affordable and incorruptible healthcare system. Healthureum offers interoperability and the ability of secure information sharing between all research institutes. It will remove all bottlenecks for medical practitioners and researchers, thus ensuring the patients get the latest, quality service.
Reduced Cost of Healthcare
Patients all over the world grapple with high costs of health care that make it seem impossible to have proper healthcare for all. The reason we should rely on Healthureum is that it is built on the idea of delivering good quality healthcare services at a reasonable cost. Thanks to its blockchain base, charges of medical procedures are standardized across all affiliate medical institutions and practitioners.
Healthureum helps to streamline the internal processes, improve transparency and also reduce audit costs in the healthcare sector. It offers a platform for instant access to consultations with experts before providing referrals to local, vetted health facilities for either, further tests or treatments. Ultimately, it has the potential of improving quality of service to the patient while keeping costs very low for everyone involved.
Improve Access to Essential Medical Data
We collect a lot of healthcare data every year, especially regarding patient medical history and portable gadgets like fitness trackers. The blockchain-powered data storage solution that Healthureum offers can provide better data integrity levels and security. Data is stored and distributed in a decentralized digital ledger that cannot be corrupted or hacked.

Patients can give practitioners access to their official medical reports, thus allowing physicians to make fast, accurate decisions. All these data transactions will be easily tracked in the system to maintain integrity. For regulators, access to non-identifiable data can help in boosting the health of the general population as it will help in policy formulation.
Secure and Efficient Payment Processing
Healthureum has chosen to introduce a token approach, i.e., HHEM token, as a way of providing a centralized and more convenient payment solution. There are several benefits of using this strategy, key among them being quick transactions that occur within seconds and no need for involving third parties. By eliminating payment processors, HHEM tokens help keep the costs of healthcare down.
Most importantly, there is no risk of fraud or theft when using the HHEM tokens. Thanks to cryptography encryption, it is almost impossible to hack into the transactions. However, you can still keep track of all the events as they occur within a transparent, but secure ecosystem.
Boost Philanthropy Efforts with Better Accountability
NGOs and charities raise a lot of money through donations annually, but most of these funds are not being put to proper use. With Healthureum, you can donate knowing that your money is going to help. All donations within this network are conditional to enable them to achieve the desired effect. Moreover, all transactions are chronologically recorded and secured to ensure easy audits and verifications of what the charities have done.
Healthureum enabled systems to seek to create a seamless, scalable, efficient and transparent healthcare ecosystem that will significantly help improve healthcare provision across the world. The standardization and accessibility of services will enable all patients to receive proper healthcare whenever they need it. This platform also offers better management of data and resources to reduce healthcare costs. More information visit


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