Affordable Quality Medical Care for All can be Made a Reality Through Project Healthureum. Here’s Why

Governments are spending more on healthcare now than in any other time in history. The United States, for example, spends around 18% of the country’s GDP on healthcare services. Other countries are no exception with the UK using up 10% of its GDP on healthcare and Switzerland 12%. African countries have meager health budgets with countries like South Sudan spending only 2.7% of its GDP on health making it the 53rd nation regarding healthcare expenditure out of the 55 African states.
Lack of affordable healthcare is a problem faced by a very high percentage of the global population. Some people living in marginalized areas cannot even have access to a healthcare facility to deliver their children in the 21st century, and more are dying from curable diseases. However, Healthureum provides a better option for achieving this dream as opposed the conventional methods that have been in place for years without results.
According to a recent study by Deloitte, global healthcare expenditure is expected to hit $8.7 trillion by the year 2020. The institute attributed this rise to the $7 trillion recorded in 2015 to aging, chronic diseases such as diabetes, and the ever-rising cases of HIV/AIDS and dementia. $4 trillion of the estimated $8.7 is expected to be spent on cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as cancer and obesity.
Here are some advantages of Healthureum that help make it the answer to the affordable and high-quality healthcare we have all been longing to attain.
• Cost
Low transaction volumes are not a good thing for business in the healthcare sector. Not to mention, not all patients have access to affordable healthcare or proper health insurance, so the cost incurred in a hospital requires contributions from family members and friends if the ailing person is even treated. As such, most people resort to cheap clinics which are notorious for purchasing and distributing counterfeit drugs, making the situation worse.
However, Healthureum guarantees reduced costs due to disintermediation. You won’t need to visit a dozen hospitals before finding one that is affordable since doctors will have access to all forms of research and relevant data as well as the option of seeking counsel or requesting various diagnoses for the same ailment from fellow practitioners on a real-time basis. With real-time processing, the healthcare system will become more efficient.
• Trust
There are so many fraudulent individuals in the healthcare system that almost everybody has lost faith in these institutions. Loopholes in the trust network ran by Health Information Exchange (HIE) officers have exposed just how Blockchain (the system used by Healthureum) can gain the patient’s trust. A doctor is supposed to request to get a patient’s information from an HIE operator who acts as an intermediary.
This data vulnerability has resulted in thousands of cybercrimes that leak personal patient information to the public. However, with Healthureum no HIE operator is needed because all the people involved have access to the distributed data. However, only the patient can grant access to their personal health information
• Innovation
Healthureum uses a secure system boosted by crypto-related advancements to lead the way towards affordable global healthcare for all. Not to mention, Blockchain, which has seamlessly assimilated itself into many institutions around the world, is a major pillar to the project’s success. Thanks to these two wonderful inventions, Healthureum is about to provide affordable healthcare for every individual around the world.
Technology has embedded itself into almost every part of our lives, and by adapting to these innovations that are cheaper and better, we will be saving both our lives and billions of dollars. Healthureum is not just affordable quality healthcare for all; it is also unbelievably efficient and affordable
• Data Sharing
As mentioned earlier, Healthureum allows for data sharing making it easy for doctors to come up with different diagnoses and handle referrals. The healthcare systems in place have varying data standards, and the records are even not compatible with the systems. However, Healthureum Blockchain technology to enable near real-time data sharing to all authorized parties across the network.
You could be on a trip to Africa from Europe and fall ill then visit a doctor who insists on going through your medical history for proper diagnosis. These files can be accessed almost immediately using Healthureum, but standard systems will take much longer. Not to mention, it’s cheap considering data sharing is not billed. More information visit



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