Advantages of the New and Improved Doctor Consultation Program under Project Healthureum

Doctor consultation facilitates assessment of the patient’s problems regarding an illness which enablesthe physician to come up with a diagnosis and a plan of care. The doctor creates a rapport with thepatient to promote smooth discussion of the patient’s concern. Personal information, report on signsand symptoms and past medical history are collected at this point. Consultation is a vital stage in themanagement of the patient and significantly contributes to the results at the end.
Through discussion, the physician determines the kind of investigations and the prescription toadminister to the patient. If the process is done promptly and correctly, the physicians can pick the right diagnosis and hence deliver the necessary interventions. In short, the Healthureum platform is providing the healthcare sector with an accurate and reliable system through which doctor consolation can be done. The following are the advantages of using the new and improved doctor consultation program under the Project Healthureum.
The System Saves Time
Healthureum platform allows video consultation where the patient can easily access an approved physician on the platform. The patient does not have to travel from home to the facility to see a doctor.
Time is of the essence when dealing with the patients, and prompt interventions prevent complications as well as saves lives. The doctor can view the medical history and the personal data concerning the patient and thereby provide the best care to the patient. The patient is guided by the treatment plan depending on the symptoms they are experiencing at the moment. The delays experienced in receiving healthcare especially in the developing countries will be eliminated with the adoption of the new doctor consultation process.
Facilitates Delivery of High-quality Care
Through the integration of blockchain technology, the physicians attending to the patients are verified and their qualifications determined. Project Healthureum ensures that the experts are adequately trained and have the correct skills before they are approved in the system. Besides, patients are given the opportunity to seek a second opinion if they are not unsure of their prognosis or the treatment plan.
The strategy is especially beneficial to patients with uncertainty or those with unusual symptoms.
Patients also undergo investigations which are performed in the approved laboratories in the platform.
A variety of tests are performed such as lipid profile and thyroid test which aids to an accurate diagnosis.
The laboratories are vetted to ensure they meet the set standards in the platform. All the services rendered to the patient are paid through Healthureum tokens Ensure Accuracy in Management of a Patient’s Health The Healthureum platform holds a comprehensive history concerning the patients’ health. The data will include personal, medical and emergency data such as the blood group or any allergies the patient may have. Information taking is crucial in the management of the patient since it shows any past illnesses suffered and the treatment regimen the patient received. The data acts as the baseline information which help guides the physicians in the management the patient in future. The data is secured in the system through cryptography, and the patient shares the information with whom they wish through sharing of the secret codes. Proper history enables the physician to determine the right diagnosis and to develop the best treatment plan for the particular patient.
Provision of Fast and Affordable Referral Services
Referral services are enabled in the system for the patients who require specialist review. Usually, the referral process is a long process which makes the patient incur the unnecessary cost. Healthureum platform allows referral by a general practitioner who helps the patient locate a consultant in the nearby locality for easy accessibility. All the specialists are vetted in the system thus reassuring the patients of their safety and provision of high-quality services. Referrals can be tracked through the blockchain technology to ensure that the approved specialist attends the patient.
In Conclusion
The new doctor’s consultation in Project Healthureum will help increase efficiency in the delivery of healthcare. The operation will save time as well as the cost which is incurred in the old system. Time is of importance when dealing with health and aids in saving lives and prevent avoidable complications. It will be easy to access the healthcare providers in the Healthureum platform with no tedious processes which will encourage many to seek healthcare. The physicians are also vetted on the platform to confirm their qualifications and expertise. Everyone deserves quick access to affordable and high-quality healthcare which can only be achieved through the adoption of the incredible system. More information visit


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