Crucial Techpoints to Watch out for in the Upcoming Project Healthureum

Interoperability is vital for the development of medical institutions. Without proper data sharing, research programs do not meet their objectives as their progress is hampered by slow systems and illegal information leaks. Healthureum’s Blockchain technology will allow for easy sharing of patient medical information between medical institutions but with the approval of the patient.
Medical institutions might be asked for specific data and provide it in a corrupt manner given they are in charge of all patient medical information. However, Blockchain technology will be able to record any alteration or illegal distribution of patient data.
Fast and Reliable
Blockchain technology is also fast and highly reliable. Most patients end up paying more than they can afford to medical institutions due to overbilling or billing for services that were not provided. Usually, they have no choice but to clear the arrears before leaving the hospital, which they must unless they want their medical bill to keep rising. Most healthcare institutes provide billing information after the bill is cleared making it hard for the patient to scrutinize their records efficiently.
This method of extortion will be eradicated entirely by Blockchain technology which will grant patients access to their medical information before they clear their medical bill. Overbilling and billing for services not provided an account for 10% of all billing cases. Healthureum’s Blockchain offers both reliability and assurance that a patient’s medical information will not be altered during billing by corrupt medical officials or by human error.
Master Patient Index
While Blockchain technology is responsible for the capture, storage, and secure distribution of data, ownership, and portability is yet to be addressed. Medical institutions often have an unexplainable resistance when it comes to sharing patient medical data. One reason might be the time it takes to go through thousands of disorganized files and another the unavailability of an HIE officer.
With medical facilities in charge of patient data, patients in need of immediate medical attention find it hard to get quality services as healthcare professionals are also clueless about their pre-existing medical conditions. Not to mention, according to StClaire there are millions of data mismatch and duplicate record cases affecting the healthcare sector at the moment making it hard for medical institutions to guarantee the safety of patient data.
Healthureum’s master patient index will put the power of data accessing and sharing in the hands of the patients. As such, patients will be able to travel to any destination in the world and still access their medical information in real time. Not to mention, in case of any referrals, doctors won’t have to wait for hours on end as medical institutions peruse thousands of files in charge of one document, the patient will provide the authorization. Master patient index will also allow patients to donate their medical information to research programs.
Not to mention, they can choose to reveal their identity or remain anonymous depending on their preference. Either way, for any data donated to research programs by a patient via the Healthureum blockchain, the project will compensate the patient with Healthureum tokens.
Smart Contract Technology
Other than a tamperproof Blockchain, the Healthureum project will also use Smart Contract Technology to ensure patient data integrity. Smart contract technology is responsible for tracking and verifying all transactions on the Healthureum ecosystem. Accountability and transparency are needed in medical institutions especially when it comes to financial transactions.
As mentioned earlier, dozens of healthcare facilities are already in court due to overbilling. It’s not just the patients who get to feel the cost of a lack of transparency from medical institutions regarding their medical information but philanthropists as well concerning their resources. As such, medical facilities are no longer able to achieve their objectives within the predetermined period.
With Healthureum’s smart contract technology, patients will also be able to avoid fraudulent insurance companies who alter their medical information with the help of healthcare facilities to prevent them from clearing claims. This computer protocol also identifies all procedures conducted on a patient in a hospital and their respective charges and computes them to a single bill. Smart contact technology will increase social responsibility which is a vital aspect of transparency, especially regarding patient data.
Smart contract technology will also aid in eliminating the improper handling of data as witnessed in many healthcare facilitates at the moment. The technology will also come in handy when validating transactions made by patients to hospitals and seeing the information will be stored in the Blockchain, it will not be altered or deleted without notifying the patient. Patients are not only overbilled but also forced to pay twice in case their payments do not reflect on the hospital’s systems.
This technology also helps in the elimination of operational procedures that are filled with manipulation and fraud both intentional and out of human error. It operates using pre-set terms which once met trigger the activation of the specific contract. Insurance companies will no longer be able to bend the will of patients or add conditions to contracts signed by the latter thanks to this technology. Smart Contract Technology is Healthureum’s way of guaranteeing both patient data integrity and the elimination of fraud as well as the alteration of medical documents . More information visit



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