We Can Overcome the Global Disaster of Lifestyle Ailments Via Healthureum. Here’s How.

Deloitte’s Global Outlook for 2017 estimated medical spending to rise between 2.4% and 7.5% from 2015 ($7 trillion) to 2020 ($8.7 trillion). Two years down the line, healthcare institutions look like they will exceed that spending due to the prevalence of lifestyle diseases and inadequate infrastructure. Current healthcare systems are nowhere near the standards envisioned by global health planners and the diversity in quality care between different hospitals around the world is alarming.
Lifestyles diseases such as cardiovascular and respiratory ailments, diabetes, and cancer are taking up the lion’s share ($4 trillion) of the healthcare budget due to the complexities required in their management. Seeing that most of these diseases are incurable, dozens have succumbed to them while others are running out of places to outsource money for treatment. The world is also experiencing a rise in the number of HIV/AIDS cases as a cure continues to evade the grip of medical researchers.
With life expectancy expected to increase by 2020, the healthcare sector seems on course towards disaster. The world is also projecting an increase in the number of obesity cases with India reporting 69 million cases and other countries such as China projecting 110 million patients. All these cases are bound to cost taxpayers as well as adopters’ money as the global healthcare system tries to standardize services and find cures for these diseases.
The project has both the technology and the know-how to improve healthcare facilities and promote cohesive research efforts. As such, funds will be put to better use and fewer people will succumb to lifestyle diseases thereby reducing their massive portion of the global healthcare budget. Here are some of the ways the Healthureum will reach this milestone.
• Funding Research and Building Centers
Project Healthureum will have a pre-sale TGE before the actual TGE and sell HHEM tokens to interested parties. Some of the resources that will be collected from this event will be allocated towards funding research programs aimed at finding cures for diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Cancer. Seeing that the funds will be monitored using Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology, none of the resources will be lost along the way or misused.
As such, philanthropists will feel comfortable spending their money on research programs due to enhanced accountability. With teams of highly qualified medical practitioners, resources, state-of-the-art equipment, and an abundance of medical information, it won’t be long before a cure for some of the most prevalent lifestyle diseases is found. Healthureum will go as far as assisting with population health management considering it will be a preferred option for billions of people around the world.
• More Power to the Patient
With people in charge of their medical history, researchers will have an easy time getting all the information required to keep their programs going. Healthureum will enable healthcare institutions to analyze data trends to determine the prevalence of chronic diseases in the future. With knowledge of the causes and better management strategies already in place, the information above will help researchers understand the disease’s spread regarding the areas it is mostly concentrated.
Patients who are affected by lifestyle diseases can also reveal some or all of their medical data for research purposes and get HHEM tokens as a reward. With more people in charge of their health and research programs receiving the right funding and support, better ways to curb the spread of lifestyle diseases will be devised. Even better, we might just see a research program from some area in the world come up with the cure for cancer or a respiratory disease, which will drastically reduce the money spent on managing these ailments.
• Centralized System
Interoperability is the biggest problem when it comes to the sharing of information between various medical institutions. EHR systems are not only proving to be obsolete but are also responsible for thousands of fraud cases all across the globe. Not to mention, patient information is never safe due to their vulnerability to hacking. The project will use Blockchain technology to enable secure data storage and transfer.
Unlike the EHR systems, Blockchain technology will not require unique configurations to suit a particular medical institution. Instead, it will be a standardized system catering to all participants in the Healthureum project regardless of their location. Many medical practitioners have developed ideas regarding a cure for a disease or a better preventive measure but lack the funding to take the idea to the laboratory.
With a centralized system, these doctors will be able to share or sell their research and receive HHEM tokens. Not to mention, they can also opt to get involved in the tests and research program and still receive compensation. The quick mode of data transfer will galvanize medical institutions around the globe towards finding cures to lifestyle as well as incurable diseases. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/



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