Here’s Why Implementing Healthureum won’t be a Simple Walk in the Park, and That’s why We Need Your Support

The inception of Healthureum seems like the answer to most of the problems facing the healthcare sector. The project is evidence of the capabilities of blockchain technology not just in finances but also matters related to health. At the moment, innovation has given rise to what experts say is virtual health and telemedicine services. More countries are considering the technology for public healthcare, to bridge the gap on quality. While all these advancements provide a remedy for the much-needed change in the health sector, some shortcomings are bound to face the technology.
While it is standard expectation that the health sector is one of significant aspect set to benefit the most out of blockchain technology, there are challenges expected in the next few years. There are real objections as to whether to adopt the blockchain revolution. These are some of the obstacles that are set to rise sooner rather than later.
Laws and Stringent Regulations
While it may take a significant cultural shift to adopt technology such as Healthureum entirely, data regulations and compliance prevent a considerable hurdle. The lack of a central system to manage blockchain poses the risk of data breaches, tampering with integrity. Such a scenario would require more safety and standard regulations to safeguard patients’ data. Although the current systems are not much safer, blockchain lacks the oversight authority since it’s a public-distributed ledger. However, Healthureum can overcome this by encouraging hospitals and patients in enrolling in their project. Incorporation of telemedicine into the healthcare system in pilot stages will slowly convince regulatory bodies on the benefits of blockchain technology in healthcare.
The Soaring Cost of Healthcare Access
Although one of the fundamental necessities, healthcare seems out of reach for many due to its value. Most patients lack medical cover and the means to pay for their treatment. Most of the time, it will mean taking out a loan or getting donations to cover the medical expenses. However, blockchain can help eliminate this situation through its referrals and consultations. Patients get to cut the cost of travel to healthcare facilities as they can quickly get a video consultation with a verified medical practitioner. Furthermore, Healthureum provides a quick and affordable loan for patients with no health cover, in case of emergency.
Questionable Legitimacy of Healthcare Professionals
Like any other industry, healthcare is bound to attract more and more unqualified medical practitioners. Not everyone who claims to be a professional may fit the bill, and as a patient, you may lack the adequate knowledge to confirm his skills. It will be a hard task to root out the real from the fake. However, Healthureum can reduce the chances of a quack to the barest minimum. The project can collaborate with authorized medical facilities, medical colleges and schools to provide a detailed description of the doctor to the patient. With little or no time to confirm the qualifications of your doctor through the traditional methods, Healthureum will be an excellent platform to counter check doctors for many patients. Additionally, the project can work hand in hand with health regulatory bodies to provide information on the licensing, affiliations and medical practices of different doctors. This will not only out root quacks but also build confidence in patients on the quality of the healthcare services.
A Ballooning Population
In any sector, the collection and storage of data is arguably the most cumbersome process of all. Storage of medical records is no easy task. Health facilities are usually overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data in their hands. The huge file sizes will affect the performance of the blockchain. This will ultimately affect how Healthureum will work. However, this can be addressed merely by creating different reference points with hash codes in third-party storages outside the blockchain. The hash codes will point to the data source on the blockchain and act as a security measure of data integrity.
The Bottom Line
It goes without saying that Healthureum is the long sought-after remedy for our health system. A majority of the challenges currently facing the sector are easily met through blockchain technology. However, like any innovation Healthureum faces its challenges. Even with all the challenges aforementioned, it is still a viable option to improve our health services. Everyone is set to benefit from lower costs and efficient data management system. Unfortunately, to fully realize the benefits of such technology will take a significant cultural shift. It will require the efforts of multiple healthcare stakeholders, and governments to take the risk and implement Healthureum. More information visit


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