Here’s How Healthureum will Promote the Culture of Healthcare-focused Tech Innovation

Technology innovations have improved efficiency and productivity in many economic sectors. Business is booming for entrepreneurs who choose to invest in the latest technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning considering these two can help identify the right audience and even make suggestions regarding what they would like to purchase. The healthcare sector has also introduced technological innovations of its own to better its services.
However, most of these advancements are only available in high-end hospitals and require a substantial amount of money to operate. As such, medical facilities are charging extra for healthcare services just to maintain and upgrade the equipment at their disposal. Still, as much the hospital fee is not increased to alarming figures, most patients are still not able to afford quality healthcare.
Back in 2012, Japan had a doctor to patient ratio of two to a thousand. With medical talent dwindling as time goes by, technological help was required to help serve the increasing number of patients in the country. As such, Japan rolled out METI programs to reward companies involved in productivity and health management and aid in large-scale population management. While this venture is noble and an introduction to healthcare-focused tech innovations, not many countries have the resources to make such changes to their healthcare ecosystem.
Australia has also introduced telemedicine and telehealth, which enables patients to consult doctors without having to visit the medical institution. This innovation not only reduces costs but also helps in the identification of under or disqualified medical practitioners in the country thereby increasing the quality of healthcare services in the country. Healthureum can actualize the dream of affordable technology-driven healthcare for all countries around the globe.
For starters, healthcare-focused tech innovations are the only way to improve access to proper healthcare in developing countries or dispersed populations. Southeast Asia and some parts of Africa are especially in need of these innovations which will also help with the appropriate management of resources as well as operational and infrastructural requirements. Here are some of the tech-driven healthcare innovations Healthureum will introduce to the healthcare sector for the benefits mentioned above and more.
•  Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is not just a platform for the systematic storage and quick retrieval of medical data, which has plagued the healthcare sector for eons. It’s also an innovation that is being embraced in other sectors as well due to its efficiency and future application. While telehealth, immunotherapy, and virtual reality were identified as some of the best innovations to achieve more in healthcare for less, blockchain technology makes their application seamless.
Blockchain technology also promotes interoperability which enhances collaboration between medical facilities. With more cooperation, healthcare facilities will be able to make budget-conscious decisions and never miss out on vital mergers or acquisitions due to regulatory or financial pressures. Blockchain will aid in service consolidation among healthcare institutions which are vital for progress in the medical sector.
It will be easy for physicians to allocate beds in Japan and a patient from a remote area of the world won’t have to travel to India or any other part of the world for better medical services without proper advice. Even better, the patient won’t leave their house or office to get a diagnosis or treatment plan seeing they can use video consultation to contact any doctor they please.
India and Illinois have already tested the efficiency of Blockchain technology to unbelievable results; imagine the effect this innovation will have in the healthcare sector once the entire globe adopts the Healthureum.
•  Smart Contract Technology
Healthureum also uses smart contract technology to ensure accountability and progress in the healthcare sector. At the moment, donors and investors alike are not entirely in charge of their resources seeing the corruption we are witnessing in the healthcare sector. For some, employing honest practitioners might have partly solved this issue, but even with complete honesty, humans are prone to err.
As such, the healthcare sector needs to focus on technology to solve some of its financial issues such as overbilling, billing for services not performed, and the shadowy disappearance of resources intended to improve the quality of healthcare in various institutions. If patients and investors are defrauded, the populace will lose faith in the healthcare sector as witnessed over the past decade or two.
Smart contract technology gives transparency to all parties involved considering this digital ledger can neither be altered or manipulated. Healthureum ecosystem is to thank for the introduction of this innovation which will help in auto-issuing claims and reduce fraud in the healthcare institutions. With these healthcare-focused tech innovations, the healthcare sector through Healthureum will be able to restore confidence in the people and provide better services to every patient on the globe efficiently. More information visit


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