Healthureum’s Full Range of Diagnostics Services is Nothing Short of Being Unique. Here’s Why

All clinicians whether in public or private systems know the importance of reaching the right diagnosis for any patient. It is usually impressed upon all medical students and trainees from the start since patients have a lot to lose if a misdiagnosis occurs. However, what’s unquestionably even more critical is getting an early diagnosis, especially when it comes to life-threatening conditions.
Access to quality diagnostics services has become quite difficult for many people, mainly due to limited resources. It is one of the main reasons why both public and private healthcare systems are exploring innovative alternative service solutions like technology-led virtual healthcare. This vital need has resulted in the creation of a new Healthureum platform that is based on blockchain technology and is seeking to transform diagnostic services radically.
Healthureum is designed to bring efficiency, security, transparency, and accountability in all areas of healthcare systems. In the following article, we discuss how this new platform will enhance diagnostic services.
Main Types of Diagnostics Services
Healthureum seeks to ensure that people get more control over their healthcare options. It does this through sourcing legally qualified practitioners for video consultations and referrals as well as offering the chance for people get a second opinion from experts regarding their distinctive issues. Furthermore, patients may require some diagnostic and pathology tests to ensure the right diagnosis is provided. In line with this, Healthureum will set up a chain of certified laboratories where patients can get these services and then pay with secure tokens.
The Healthureum platform will contain a list of vetted clinics and labs to guarantee professionalism and high-quality service delivery. Once you have taken the diagnostic tests, the labs can upload the results directly to your file in this blockchain ecosystem for storage. From there you can then share the data seamlessly with your physician, which facilitates a quicker diagnosis while still maintaining data integrity and security.
Efficient Access to Diagnostic Services
Thanks to the new Healthureum platform, patients will no longer need to travel around the globe seeking simple consultation sessions with trained experts. This blockchain-based network is on course to transform this process through its cryptography-backed, secure and scalable system. Users will be able to submit their health data and instantly receive an accurate and comprehensive prognosis.
This new platform will not only reduce the time spent traveling to different hospitals seeking proper diagnosis, but it also means that such services will be available to more people at a much affordable cost. Some of the diagnostic services that will be supported include those revolving around expensive treatments like liver or kidney function tests.
Hassle-Free Diagnostics Payments
One of the main benefits of the Healthureum platform is that it offers significantly faster and more secure payment processing. Besides the expert consultations and referrals to either doctors or laboratories for further tests, the platform also supports payments in the form of Healthureum tokens. It allows people to book and pay for any tests on the platform and also offers the benefits of storing the results and other bio-data in the secure storage app.
All transactions done on this platform are paid with HHEM tokens in a fast, real-time process since there is no need for other currency processors. The health data is then uploaded to your account, allowing you to share with your physician for a more accurate diagnosis. All this information is encrypted cryptographically in blockchain without any risk of data loss.
As mentioned above, getting an early diagnosis is just as important as getting the right one. Your symptoms may be reversible if addressed early on and you get started on the proper course of treatment. An earlier diagnosis through the Healthureum platform is empowering as it enables people to take a proactive role in their own financial, legal and long-term health care planning. Additionally, those who are diagnosed early enough can also consider entering clinical trials to advocate for more research.
In short, Healthureum is looking to offer a welcome transition from traditional diagnostic processes that were tedious and time consuming to a more streamlined, efficient and scalable one. You will no longer need to spend your resources looking for specialists. The system will conveniently refer you to both the registered labs and qualified experts to ensure you efficiently get the help you need.More information visit


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