Healthureum is Devoted to Improving all Standards of Healthcare. Here’s How

It is the health sector that defines an economy. As such there is need to come up with stable regulatory frameworks to elevate healthcare services to international standards. Unlike the traditional systems of management which exposed the medical field to unnecessary faults, Healthureum is positioning itself at the center of service delivery, by ensuring thoroughly regulated standards of healthcare in all health facilities, while maintaining the status of the sector. Below are some of the inspiring measures that the project is putting in place into remodeling structure of healthcare.
Safeguarding Patients’ Information
Details concerning patient well-being make a critical part of data management in any health facility. Therefore, Healthureum are set with Smart Contract Technology to ensure that all patients’ medical records are adequately encrypted with unique codes to secure them from any form of external hackings. Having all information in one place gives one a sense of confidence. The blockchain system does not reply to any inquiry on a trust basis, but through exclusive keying offered to patients the moment they register with the system. It is therefore up to the patient to decide on whom they can trust with their details. Storage of information in a sequential manner means no open display of data, thus making it simple for patients to share only required specifications. Making modifications to health records is also faster.
Through Supporting Innovative Research
The world is always in the transition, and the only way to keep up with it is through research. The future of the health sector heavily depends on innovative findings that can help solve various mysteries in the medical field. By setting standardized expectations of all research findings in the health section, Healthureum is focusing not only on the present times but also in the future. Possibilities of coming up with solutions to life-threatening diseases such as cancer, HIV/Aids, and heart diseases or even innovating collaborative systems such as the Smart Contract Technology, makes it a matter of human interest.
The Involvement of Community in Medical Affairs
Health facilities cannot be successful on their own. Patients, health practitioners, and patients’ caregivers play a major role. By dedicating themselves to working together, adhering to set standards will be much easier and projects seemingly impossible becomes achievable. Healthureum believes in the capabilities of Corporate Social Responsibility in boosting various healthcare undertakings. Through coming together and supporting visionary innovations such as research findings and supporting the less fortunate, society gets a deeper insight of what it means to have an ably run health facility. Consequently, accountability becomes everyone’s responsibility. People expect more from health facilities; patients raise their expected standards of services and health practitioners to push themselves to perform better on a daily basis.
Fast and Easy Access to Health Professionals
Sometimes due to time constraints, distance and emergencies, there is barely time for a physical drive to a designated health facility. There is, therefore, need for a way in which patients can reach their health advisors within the shortest time possible no matter the distance or time factors. Healthureum offers precisely that through the introduction of video consultation options.
Patients get the chance to brainstorm with medical specialists who can provide guidance on various treatment plans including how to go about a variety of prescriptions. Medics get the opportunity to refer their patients to close vicinity hospitals for checkups in emergency situations while following up on every procedure. Knowing that doctors are only a video call away accords patients and their caretakers the confidence they need to face each case more courageously. Health specialists do not need to be members of the platform to receive consultations; patients will, however, have to part with a minimal fee for the services. It is an entirely new experience that will take the health sector to another level.
Hassle-free, Reliable Diagnostics
Prognostics are part and parcel of medical procedures. Medics can verify their assumptions, making it easier for more favorable prescriptions. Healthureum ensures patients get access to credible laboratories by providing a list of vetted and verified centers for consultations. The blockchain system allows pathologists to upload the patient result to record files for future use. There is no chance of mix-ups due to human error more rampant in tradition result sharing methods.
In Conclusion
Healthureum is well set to improve every section of the health sector with the help of set frameworks. With every detail well thought of regarding significance and throwbacks, the health sector is in for an awakening change. It is now or never. The future is in our hands. More information visit


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