Advantages of a Decentralized Healthcare System (Healthureum) over the Current Centralized Healthcare System

A successfully run healthcare facility is not all about medical prescriptions and standard daily procedures. But instead, it is a collaboration of undertakings, character, and flexibility into adapting up to date medical practices, which include the use of new technology in a fast-developing economy. The current Centralized Healthcare systems are slow in every aspect, hence creating a need for better methods through Healthureum’s decentralized health care systems. The following are some of the inevitable advantages that the blockchain platform has as compared to the current systems;
Saving Time and Resources
Current healthcare systems are made up of a variety of stationary departments. Patients are therefore required to move from one unit to the next to have their needs addressed. Each section has a hierarchy of steps before verification of transactions. The lengthy tedious processes not only waste time but also resources in cases where patients have to be charged a given transaction fee at each stop. However, with the blockchain system, everything is assembled, and with just one press, the networks send command signals to all necessary departments, and within no time, patients receive the services they need hence saving on time and resources, as addressing a large number of cases is possible.
No Discrimination in Healthcare Service Delivery
The decentralized blockchain platform of Healthureum strictly adheres to provided framework regulations within the system. There is no room for mistakes, and once the system is operating, no one can alter any command. All transactions are carefully monitored to execution with no prejudice to any party as the system recognizes everyone as equals. It is a first come first served service, with the ability for mass distribution. On the other hand, current centralized healthcare systems have a facial aspect in every undertaking that cannot entirely rule out intolerance towards given individuals. The long waiting time between healthcare services, make it even worse with those people desiring quick service, opting for corrupt means to be in front of the queue. Dissatisfactions in service delivery become the order of the day, leading to loss of confidence in the most sensitive sector.
Eliminates Corruption in Supply Chain
In annual reports, many hospitals suffer a great deal of losses attributed to the procurement departments. The aspect of self-interests between suppliers and some hospital officials compromise accuracy in the number of medical equipment received by health facilities. The term “we have run out of stock” has become the order of the day forcing patients to move from hospital to hospital in search of services. Healthureum is considering this and with the use of smart contract enabled blockchain systems; there is no room for fraudulent activities. Distributors undergo thorough scrutiny before deal signing, and the system follows up on the allocation of supplies to various sectors. In the long run, these measures save up on capital.
Easy Accessibility of Patient Records Through Distributed Frameworks
Unlike the current healthcare systems where storing of patient records is in various hospital files which are subject to lose, manipulation or even worse exposure to unauthorized individuals, decentralized Healthureum systems, secures patient information in encrypted codes. Patients have their data as a singular entity and get to choose as to whom to give access. Security is a guarantee and not a privilege. By this, there is trust in healthcare services which contributes to significant improvements on health issues.
Allows Frequent Update of Patient Information.
Through the blockchain platform, Healthureum provides options for data updates after every medical procedure. Patients’ medical records stand at current all the time, which allows correct prescriptions and diagnostics during clinic visits. Nevertheless, the current centralized healthcare systems make use of past data such as weight and blood pressure in medical diagnostics. When doctors base their findings on outdated information, there is a higher chance of under or over prescriptions. And as such their greater chances of overstretching the otherwise treatable conditions lead to long-term effects. The blockchain system is, therefore, the best option for addressing current healthcare needs.
Provides constant regulatory frameworks in service provision
The Smart Contract Technology is rule-based and does not distribute sensitive information on a trust basis. Every health section gets access to only permissioned information, unlike current analog systems where health facilitators view all patient records without a barrier.
In Conclusion
The decentralized Healthureum blockchain system is a thousand times better than the current centralized systems. From faster access to healthcare services, secure transactions to frequent updates of patient data, there is no denying that the health sector is in need of this reliable globally standardized systems.More information visit


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