A Look at what it Takes to Revolutionize Global Healthcare through Healthureum

In the field of healthcare today, medical practitioners can treat what was previously incurable in the past. The continuous unraveling of human genetics and the rise of precision medical treatments are opening brand new avenues to the use of targeted therapies for tackling challenging diseases. However, all these innovations are coming with very high price tags.
The global healthcare market is long overdue for a positive market disruption to transform how care is delivered entirely. Healthureum is an unconventional solution that has the potential of reconstructing how established health organizations prevent, monitor, diagnose and treat diseases. Based on the powerful blockchain technology, Healthureum intends to enhance security, accountability, affordability and overall transparency in the management of healthcare across the world.
Dealing with Rising Healthcare Costs
Research shows that healthcare spending will rise by close to 5% by 2020 due to several contributing factors like chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity, aging populations and increase in the number of people with HIV/AIDs, cancer and dementia. The study by Deloitte found that an astonishingly hefty sum of $4 trillion will be spent on various conditions like cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.
A technology-driven global healthcare system can help minimize these high healthcare costs and improve access to care in the developing countries, especially in Africa and Southeast Asia. Besides improved access, implementing a blockchain solution like Healthureum means that health institutions will now be able to achieve far much more with fewer resources. Through online doctor consultations and referrals, Healthureum can ensure that everyone who needs care gets it conveniently.
Solving Interoperability and Data Sharing Issues
Interoperability is critical in achieving standardization in global healthcare as it describes the ability to share data across different health institutions. Currently, there is a significant challenge to attaining maximum interoperability, which is the fragmentation of data. The reason for this data fragmentation is the fact that each health organization uses its own Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, which presents a challenge when it comes to data sharing across various vital sources like clinics, laboratories, medical practices, and hospitals.
Healthureum can eliminate all these data sharing flaws to provide a better approach to how health organizations manage and share information. Some of the various use cases of Healthureum, like the master patient index, show that this blockchain network can bring standardization in patient records. Furthermore, a decentralized blockchain network is cryptographically secure and can support seamless data sharing across different organizations without the hassles of data replication and reconciliation.
Eliminating Fraud in Healthcare
As one of the most extensive systems in the whole world, healthcare attracts a lot of cases of fraud. This fraud happens in various ways including counterfeit drugs, illegal sale of patient data, fake healthcare providers and also fraud in different operational procedures. A practical approach to solving these issues is by providing a secure and transparent blockchain network where all transactions are accountable and traceable.
Healthureum is the answer to eliminating most of these cases of healthcare fraud and building confidence with patients, medical practitioners and also regulatory bodies. For example, by tracking all levels of the supply chain system using blockchain network, it will be easy to identify cases of counterfeit drugs. Similarly, the highly secure cryptographic nature of the blockchain will completely eradicate selling of patient data and other cybercrime cases.
Improving Philanthropy in Global Healthcare
Philanthropy giving has emerged as an essential means through healthcare systems can improve financial resources. With rising costs of healthcare, whether for staffing, equipment and buying new technology and treatments, it is critical that philanthropy is encouraged to help in these areas. Philanthropy is not just limited to donating funds, as patients can also volunteer for clinical trials or share their non-identifiable data for research.
By creating a secure and convenient platform, Healthureum is targeting to enable more philanthropy activity across the world. Whether it is funding for HIV/AIDS, cancer, hepatitis or any other cause, willing people will find it easier to contribute to these different projects. Additionally, with the Healthureum token and smart contract technology, all donations will reach their purposes without any risk of fraud.
Today’s global healthcare challenges are intricate and interrelated. According to the Global Health Care Outlook by Deloitte, both private and public health systems must implement new clinical and business operating models to achieve the dreams of high-quality universal care. Therefore, a care delivery approach like Healthureum that uses a collaborative, technology-enabled and multi-pronged model has a better potential of yielding positive results. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/



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