A Look at the Premise of Improved Data Management Systems via Healthureum

For many years hospitals have had problems in data management systems. With the introduction of Healthureum, data harmonization and standardization will be made possible. All patients’ data will be consolidated in one platform which will be accessible to both patients and health specialists when needed. In this system, data privacy and security will be upheld. Patients will be able to access their data easily and also share it with their health specialists. The data harmonization system will have private and public keys that will make it easy for patients to share the information with their doctor and also keep some of their health records private using the keys.
Data will be secured with encrypted codes to enhance safety and privacy. Data types to be consolidated include scans, test results, x-rays and prescriptions. A Patient’s data will be stored on the blockchain in chronological order which cannot be mismanaged or tampered with. Only permissioned users will be allowed to access the data that patients want to share. Patients will share their private secret keys with their doctors for them to get all the information regarding their overall health. The public key will be shared when a patient wants to give his/her data to be used for research purposes. The Healthureum project aims to enhance interoperability while securing patients data. Information sharing within departments will boost collaboration, prevent fraud and human errors in billing creating a more efficient system. Data harmonization is crucial in cases of emergencies since the first responders will be able to access your relevant data such as blood group, current prescriptions, allergies and pre-existing illnesses. Adopting the Healthureum ecosystem, people will be treated successfully, and at a faster rate, hence many lives will be saved.
Some of the Benefits of this Kind of Harmonization Include
Improved Patient Engagement by Promoting Data Access and Control
Healthureum will indorse data access to patients and also give them control of their data which means that patients can choose the data to share with different hospitals. To promote privacy, some sensitive data is only shared with a few members of the network. Blockchain technology helps care providers by eliminating problems brought by lack of a single longitudinal health record for patients. With data harmonization, patients will have access to their full health records. With this, patients will become more empowered in managing data and proactive in taking care of themselves.
Easy Matching and Identification of Patient Data
Healthureum ensures that patients identities are maintained when they move to another town or city, change care providers and insurance providers by harmonizing data. Patient identity matching problem could lead to safety hazard. Misidentification of patients can lead to improper treatment due to lack of accurate information.
With data harmonization, hospitals will have an easy time treating patients without problems of wrong identity and mismatched patient health records. Doctors will have access to correct information belonging to the patient they are treating through the use of blockchain technology.

Making the Work of Co-ordinated Care Providers Easier
In the health sector, different care providers have been collecting data from patients. This means that various care providers have a lot of information on patients, but that data is not integrated into one platform that can enable sharing with other care providers. Using Blockchain technology, individual data can be centralized in one platform allowing care providers and patients to simplify the efforts of a care team.
Improving Medication Reconciliation and Patient Safety
Errors in medication have always been a problem in healthcare facilities. 77 percent of patients have found mistakes in their active medication lists according to the American journal of managed care. Such medication errors can cause hospitals to suffer significant financial penalties. If a patient is given a prescription that is similar to the one given by another care provider, blockchain will notice the duplication and prevent it from occurring. When one provider gives a controlled prescription of a certain drug all the other care providers in the blockchain platform will be notified therefore reducing drug addiction and cases of fraud.
In Closing
Data harmonization will improve management in the health sector. Attending to patients will be made easy since specialists will have all the information they require to treat patients. For sick people who have moved from one city to another it will also be easy for them since the previous hospital they attended will share their health records easily making treatment fast. With the implementation of Healthureum, cases of patients receiving wrong medication will come to an end. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/


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