A Close Look at the Premise of Revolutionized Population Health Management Under Healthureum

Population Health Management plays a critical role in ensuring the quality of healthcare services rendered is excellent to keep the population in good health. Monitoring population healthcare records enable medical institutions to plan by identifying risks and trends in disease spread. However, this usually depends on the availability of data from various vital sources such as the government, public and private hospitals. This involves a lot of data sharing among institutions which currently is a challenge as most organizations have their own customized centralized EHR database systems. There are also a lot of strict regulations and red tape that hinder data sharing across medical institutions.
Healthureum seeks to revolutionize population health management through the use of its blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is a digital ledger that allows data to be stored on a network of computers securely using cryptography. Through the use of this innovative technology, Healthureum aims to get rid of most of the bottlenecks that hinder data sharing as well as to make the process of population health management more efficient. Here is how it intends to do this:
By Enabling Interoperability
Healthureum wants to adopt a more proactive instead of a reactive approach towards population health management. The blockchain technology could help to achieve this since it is secured using cryptography meaning the data is encrypted which makes it difficult to hack. The blockchain is also immutable in that once data is confirmed by the network consensus and it is stored into one of its blocks it cannot be altered. These features guarantee the security of the data more so patient records, diagnosis and treatment plans. This helps in overcoming the bureaucratic barriers and the strict regulations that govern data exchange among medical facilities. Once data is being shared freely, it would pave the way for effective population health management as all the data would be accessible by all the parties in the decentralized database network. This would help to guarantee that the data is accurate as multiple parties approve it and updates to the data are made real-time, and the changes are reflected in all the records.
By Identifying Risks and Trends in Disease Spread
The blockchain technology would enable medical institutions to adopt a more preventative approach by carefully monitoring population health data. Since there is a lot of vital data stored in its blockchain database from various sources, Healthureum can carry out large-scale data analyses. Through the findings of these studies, Healthureum can be in a better position to identify the likely risks by observing the trends in disease spread. Where the trend seems to be alarming indicating a sharp increase in the spread of a particular disease, they can take adequate measures towards curbing the spread of the disease by focusing more resources on it. This knowledge can also be useful in determining actions to employ to prevent future similar incidents from occurring.

By Adopting a Proactive Approach Towards Combating Chronic Diseases
Healthureum takes a proactive approach towards tackling chronic diseases by effectively monitoring chronic disease spread. Chronic diseases are predicted to be on the rise due to an increasingly aging population and poor lifestyle habits. Research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that chronic diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. By monitoring population health data, Healthureum is better placed to predict and anticipate the likely future expenditure on chronic diseases. This enables medical institutions to start planning their resources, and capital outlays early enough to counter the spread of chronic diseases by allocating more resources to them. It similarly affords them the opportunity to advocate for healthier lifestyle practices campaigns such as exercising and healthier eating habits to reduce the risks of chronic diseases.
By Enabling Insurance Providers to Improve their Service Delivery
Healthureum would also enable health insurance companies to benefit from effective population health management. This is because with access to population health data that is verified and secure insurance companies can be able to rely on the data to reassess their risk profiles confidently. This means they can be able to tailor their risk packages according to an individual’s needs by assessing that individual’s general health and habits. They can get this deeper insight into the population health management data from their patients as well since patients are in charge of their data under the Healthureum platform. This means patients can be satisfied that the packages they are getting suit them and their needs and the insurance companies also maintain a clean image by charging their clients fairly.
In Conclusion
Healthureum promises to revolutionize population health management through the use of its blockchain technology by encouraging interoperability and adopting a preventive approach towards combating disease spread. More information visit https://www.healthureum.io/


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