Why Healthureum Is Our Best Bet in Restoring Balance Between Private and Public Healthcare Infrastructure

Huge disparities exist between the private and the public healthcare infrastructure, especially in the developing countries. The variation is mainly in the quality of healthcare provided with private infrastructure providing higher quality care compared to the public infrastructure. Provision of low quality services in the public sector is caused by unavailability of adequate medical expertise and lack of infrastructure. In most cases, the number of patients attended exceed the available resources which lead to the provision of poor healthcare.

Healthureum will help solve the issue by providing the solution to bridge the gap that exists between the private and the public infrastructure. Healthureum will employ blockchain which will ensure that each access high-quality medical care. The following are the ways through which Healthureum will restore the balance between private and public infrastructure.

Facilitating Access to Quality and Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare is usually associated with high cost of the services provided which poses a challenge to many people whenever they need the services.  The problem is mostly experienced when patients do not have medical insurance and are left with limited options to choose. Most of these patients opt for cheap and riskier treatment and thus put their health in danger. Healthureum provides the patients with the best quality services which are quickly accessed on the platform. The patient’s details which include medical, personal and emergency data is put on Healthureum for easy accessibility when there is a need. The patients own the data which they share with the relevant medical personnel when they are sick. The data will be secured through cryptography and any alteration done on the data will be recorded with a time stamp. Sharing of the patient data between the health facilities will be enabled and the information protected to prevent fraud. Video consultation will be allowed through blockchain which will facilitate easy access to doctors in Healthureum. The patient will also be referred to a specialist and approved laboratories within their locality quickly by use of the Healthureum.

Ensuring Availability of Medical Infrastructure

Medical infrastructure aids in diagnosis and treatment of patients in the healthcare sector. Availability of adequate medical infrastructure leads to provision of better care which improve the quality of life lead by patients. Most private institutions contain the required medical equipment compared to the public infrastructure who either do not have the equipment or the available ones are insufficient to serve the high population.

Healthureum utilizes blockchain to determine the required infrastructure in a health facility. The number of the medical equipment required depends on the patients who are served in the institutions. All the actions regarding the use of each equipment are recorded and assessed in Healthureum. The analyzed figures are used by the medical institutions to ensure they have adequate infrastructure to serve the patients. Availability of the medical equipment builds confidence on the patient since diagnosis and treatment are done efficiently through the readily available infrastructure.

Ensuring Availability of Medical Expertise

Availability of medical professionals affects the quality of care provided in the health sector. Most public infrastructure has less medical experts compared to the patients attended which causes provision of poor services. Healthureum ensures that there is the availability of medical expertise in the platform to provide medical services to the patients at all time. The experts are trained on different specialties in the approved institutions in Healthureum to keep up the growing needs in the sector. The authenticity of the medical personnel is done in Healthureum to ensure that the patients are attended by skilled and experienced professionals.

The medical professionals are updated on the current management of various disease through the continuous research which is performed on Healthureum. Patients provide their data in both paid and nonpaid programs for research purposes. The patients can hide their identity while providing the data which aids in improved quality of healthcare. The accuracy in entry and storage of the data facilitate the research process since analysis is done efficiently.

In Conclusion

Healthureum is the best system to employ in restoring the balance between the private and the public medical infrastructure. Everybody deserves the best healthcare services which should be easily accessible and affordable to every individual. Huge disparities in the private and public facilities are noted in the availability of medical infrastructure and medical experts. Through Healthureum, adequate medical equipment is available in the medical institutions to aid in the management of the patients. The medical professionals are also skilled and experienced in their field of specialization which guarantees provision of high-quality care to the patients. more info please visit https://www.healthureum.io/



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