What Healthureum can do to Stop the More than 100,000 Deaths per Year are Connected to the Counterfeit Drug Trade

Many deaths are occurring that relate to the use of counterfeit drugs. Such drugs are sold by people who do not have a license to supply such products to the patients in the industry. The reason why many people do not recover from diseases quickly is that they do not always use the necessary quality of drugs. Here, you will learn how Healthureum has measures that will ensure no fake drugs are sold to the patients.

Tracking of Drugs Within Healthureum Ecosystem

Healthureum will be based on blockchain technology which will have a good system for tracking the drugs to be sold. At no point will a fake product get its way into the system because it will have no tracking code to be used. The patients on Healthureum will be advised to use the HHEM tokens to buy the drugs that they need. Even before a patient starts worrying about the route they should use to access the best quality drugs, Healthureum will direct him or her to a nearby store that sells only the best quality ones. Currently, the market is full of cons, and it might not be easy for the patients to get the recommended quality of drugs. Healthureum will have a tracking method where if they realize that a given product is not of the required quality then they will remove it from the system immediately. There will be no space left for those who engage in the counterfeit drug trade.

A Good Security System under Healthureum Ecosystem

The blockchain is the latest technology that is in use in many sectors. Healthureum uses blockchain to ensure that there is a high level of transparency in the system. A good ecosystem can only work well if there is a good security system to prevent people from selling counterfeit products. Both the traders and the physicians will have to be tested to see if they can offer the best products and services. The patients will be the center of focus in the Healthureum ecosystem, and this means that both the physicians and the traders will work hard to give them what they require. Healthureum will be a system where only the best competitive ones will survive. If a supplier cannot supply the required quality of drugs, then there are chances that he or she will be removed from the system. The system managers have a lot of experience, and they will be checking from time to time to see that all products are of the required quality.

The Use of Smart Contacts

Healthureum will also use smart contracts to remove the chances of people getting low-quality products. The smart contracts will be used to track the supply of counterfeit drugs in the system and eradicate them. It is easy to provide recommendations to the patients on the site about the companies they can visit to buy the best drugs. Smart contracts have been used in various sectors to remove the cons from the market. The high prices of the counterfeit drugs have been a significant hindrance to the development of the health sector. Healthureum will make use of HHEM tokens to make payments. It is a standardized payment method that will ensure no one pays more for the products they buy. A standard price is set for the drugs once there is proof that they are of the right quality and every client will pay such an amount for the drugs. Currently, there is a standard price but still, businesspeople, out of their greed, want to increase the rates every day. Since these are essential commodities, the patients are forced to buy them at the hiked price.  Healthureum ensures that no patient will ever complain of purchasing the products at higher prices. The system will be automated, and once a doctor gives a prescription, the patients will know the amount they have to pay for the drugs.

Healthureum Will Provide Longitudinal Health Records

It is always the wish of every patient that doctors should consult before giving them the prescriptions to use. It is not possible in the current system because doctor operates independently and in different locations. Under Healthureum, doctors can consult and direct the patient to get the drugs from a given store. This way, a client will not have to visit the stores that sell counterfeit and risky products.


Healthureum will bring a lot of changes to the health sector, removal of counterfeit drugs being one of them. Healthureum is a system that will ensure no one dies as a result of using counterfeit products from the market. more info please visit https://www.healthureum.io/



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