Tackling Cancer and Cancer-related Ailments Under the New Healthcare Order – Healthureum

Cancer refers to the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.  It is one of the common noninfectious diseases that affect people of all ages in the world. The primary cause of the disease is unknown, but there are risk factors which contribute to the condition such as lifestyle and genetic factors. Cancer can affect any part of the body, and aggressive treatment is required to control the abnormal cell growth. Treatment depends on the type of cancer and the stage upon diagnosis.

 Facilitating Research

Research benefits the health system through discovering of innovative ways of managing rampant diseases such as cancer. Through analysis better management methods of cancer can be developed which will improve the quality of life and prevent deaths of cancer patients. The accuracy in the storage of data enhances research since data analysis is done efficiently. Patients also provide their medical information for research purposes on both paid and unpaid programs. The data is protected from fraud and cybercrime as it is shared for study purposes.

Many challenges are encountered in the treatment of cancer which causes deaths of many people globally. Late diagnosis is one of the leading factors which poses difficulty in the management of the disease since in most cases it is diagnosed in later stages. The challenge is mostly experienced in the developing countries due to lack of the required infrastructure. Healthureum offers the opportunity to improve the care provided to cancer patients through innovations. The following are the ways through which the project will promote innovation in the treatment of cancer.

Healthureum improves the standard of healthcare by enabling philanthropist activities in the healthcare system. Philanthropists are allowed to fund research programs for the high concern diseases. Innovations are being adopted in the form of blockchain technology. Healthureum ensures that funds contributed for research purpose are utilized for the right purpose for which they are intended by proper monitoring through the platform. Many people fail to fund research because of reports that funds have been mismanaged and used for unintended purposes in the past. Healthureum facilitates accountability, and any activity can be traced in the system. Donations are made using the HHEM tokens for secure transfer and to provide transparency.

Ensuring Availability of Medical Infrastructure

Healthureum is promoting the development of technology-based medical equipment which helps in monitoring and better patient management. New devices have been discovered through research that facilitates faster diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis of cancer plays a significant role in the management of the disease, and if it is done early and accurately, the patient has better chances of being cured. The medical devices are purchased and monitored through the platform. The demand for the equipment is determined depending on the number of patients who are in need of the equipment. The processes ensure that the health sector has adequate equipment for the management of the cancer patients.

The data trends on the use of the medical equipment are analyzed in the hospitals to identify potential risks in the rise of cancer patients which aids in planning. For adequate management of cancer today and in future, the demand versus the supply has to be addressed. The process promotes a proactive strategy that is beneficial to the future patients. The analysis can be made quickly through the smart blockchain technology.

Ensuring Availability of Skilled Medical Personnel

Healthureum ensures that there is the availability of qualified and specialized staff who are approved in the platform. Oncology specialists who include the doctors, nurses, pharmacist and pathologists are trained to promote the quality of care provided to the patients who have cancer. The specialists are trained in approved institutions with the required equipment and tools for training. The physicians are updated on the current management of the disease by attending regular training in the course of time. Through research the physicians are shifting from treatment perspective to preventive measures of cancer. Training is done on how to use the various equipment in the management of cancer to enhance speed in the process of treatment. Approved specialists are put in the network and are accessible depending on the patient locality.

In Closing

Cancer is a rampant disease affecting many people across the world. The management of cancer requires aggressive measures, and it is usually expensive. Many people who have cancer ends up dying due to lack of proper consultation or lack of equipment to diagnose and treat the abnormal overgrowth of cells. In other circumstances, the cancer progress to later stages as the patients wait to get treatment due to the high demand for the available infrastructure. Healthureum should be implemented to provide better management of cancer patients and to improve their quality of life. more info please visit https://www.healthureum.io/



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