Here’s How Healthureum will Combat Human Manipulation in Fundamental Components of Healthcare

The introduction of artificial technology in the business sector revamped that particular industry and now some of the highest performing businesses have at least a related innovation. High-end companies use machine learning to predict a customer’s buying pattern and make suggestion based on the items or services they buy. Blockchain technology has also been used by corporations in managing data and ensuring secure distribution of information.

Healthureum has employed the same technology to aid its mission of affordable healthcare on a global scale. While these innovations are making work easier for employees in different sectors, there have been issues regarding their implementation considering they might take a few jobs away from people. However, considering their advantages, the future success of any institution is based on their implementation.

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) might provide job opportunities for thousands of people around the globe but its systems are flawed. These employees are in charge of loads of data and are susceptible to bribes from wealthy organizations with tempting offers. Currently, there are thousands of cases around the world regarding data manipulation which has led to some patients losing claims or even paying more at medical facilities.

Healthureum will not only eradicate human error but also provide an efficient ecosystem that will ensure that all transactions are conducted fairly. Not to mention, by collecting data systematically across thousands of hospitals around the globe, Healthureum will be able to increase interoperability. Healthureum will also use blockchain technology, which is tamperproof to ensure that once the data is collected and stored, no human can alter it without the owner’s knowledge.

Here are some of the ways Healthureum will help combat human manipulation in the core components of healthcare.

Data Distribution

Every hospital has an EHR system which they use to collect patient data the moment the latter visits their facility. After collecting the data, it is dumped into the EHR system alongside other information collected from patients in the same area. In case patients need to access this information, they request the medical facility which provides the data from their systems with help from the HIE.

Patients can wait a day, a week, or even a month before receiving their medical information which stalls healthcare processes such as referrals and quick recoveries. Not to mention, all the data is stored in a single hub making it easier for hackers and medical staff to gain access to patient data with ease. However, Healthureum will no longer use these systems; instead, the project will employ blockchain technology which is more secure and stores data chronologically.

Healthureum uses this technology due to its decentralized nature which makes it hard for healthcare practitioners or any other parties to steal or manipulate medical data. Through a master patient index, Healthureum will ensure that all patients are in control of their healthcare records and only give access to qualified medical practitioners. As such, human interference will be eliminated enabling efficiency in the healthcare sector.

Smart Contract Technology

Other than Blockchain technology, Healthureum also uses Smart Contract to validate any transactions conducted on its ecosystem. Smart contract enables Healthureum to eradicate human interference considering it operates within a set of predetermined terms which only execute when met by both parties. As such, this project can aid in the eradication of fraud and manipulation witnessed time and again when asking insurance companies for claims. 6% of all claims are lost because of incorrect or incomplete information.

With Healthureum’sblockchain technology, all the information collected will be uniform. Not to mention, after submission, this information cannot be manipulated without the knowledge of all parties involved. Add smart contract to this equation and Healthureum increasingly looks like the only way to ensure that human error or interference does not affect the smooth functioning of healthcare processes such as claims assessment.

Data Authenticity

Clinical trials require authentic data to come up with working treatment plans. However, some research programs aim to prove a particular hypothesis based on data generated to increase their profits. Healthureum can aid in the elimination of such discrepancies which are slowing down progress in the healthcare sector. Healthureum’sblockchain can aid in the validation of medical data ensuring that research programs do not spend valuable resources trying to prove a misguided hypothesis.

Its decentralized nature is especially ideal for such medical processes considering all parties involved are connected on the same blockchain any alteration of data is highly detectable. Healthureum is the perfect way to reintroduce patient integrity in the healthcare system by ridding it of human manipulation which has plagued the industry for years on end.

Data management, drug supply chains, population health management, research programs, and general services in medical facilities will never be the same once Healthureum is implemented. more info please visit


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