Healthureum: A first glance at Healthcare’s Most Revolutionary Project

There is no denying that the health sector heads for a significant change in an attempt to keep up with global expectations in medical service delivery. Healthureum is at the center of that movement through the initiation of improvements in various aspects of the health field that come to counter the current problems facing the sector. Here is a quick glance at what Healthureum has to offer in an attempt to bring significance contribution in healthcare revolution.

Smart Contract Technology

Through the adoption of Smart Contract technology in the operations of various hospitals, Healthureum seeks to come up with constant guidelines in the execution of duties in the health sector. The platform also enables other health organizations to access patient health data through the permissioned method whereby patients control as to whom they can trust with their information. Through this, there are timely interventions in cases of emergencies when patients are not able to express themselves. When using Healthureum, patients can update their health information during hospital which helps in better diagnostics in the future.

Longitudinal Health Data Distribution and Storage

The limited access to population data causes delays in containing epidemic cases in areas where both private and public health sectors have to work together. Healthureum offers a platform whereby health stakeholders come together in coming up with guidelines for information sharing and access. By so doing it is easier for health experts to come up with countering measures as well as help in the allocation of enough funds towards given life-threatening projects such those related to HIV/ Aids, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and obesity. Through the distribution of necessary information on the Healthureum platform, it is easier to come up with comprehensive solutions through educating individuals in disease prevalence areas on relevant preventive measures. Healthureum also guarantees patients offering their health information security by omitting their details on reports set for public review.

Guaranteed Access to Affordable Medical Care

In the current times when the cost of health services is continuously on the rise, patients get to find it difficult to access even the primary health care services without worrying too much about their financial impact. Healthureum understands that easy access to affordable and reliable medical attention is the right of every citizen. As such, through the standardization of all health transaction costs, Healthureum offers patients an opportunity to get therapeutic intervention at the right time with a possibility of lowering recurring of diseases. The platform brings together a wide range of medical experts thus allowing quick consultation even in cases of referrals or whenever patients see the need to seek second opinions on individual circumstances.

Through the fast processing of insurance claims, patients, and healthcare attends work together in ensuring timely dissemination of proper forms of treatments. The Healthureum video doctor consultation enables patients to access help/ clarifications whenever far from hospitals.

The Authentication of Medics

It is not easy for an ordinary citizen to identify a fake medical service provider just by instincts. In the current times, it is common for patients to fall victims to quack medical caregivers who rob them of their hard-earned money in the process of administering poor services. Healthureum recognizes that taking advantage of patient vulnerability is not only humanely wrong but also catastrophic in the health sector. That is why Healthureum facilitators take it upon themselves to vet medical professionals and provide the list of their updated information in an attempt to cushion patients against the unfortunate ordeals of quack medical attendants.

Countering Counterfeit Drugs

The patient healing process is a delicate stage in the health industry. Therefore, administration of proper and reliable drugs is the key to faster recovery. However, it is not always possible as the rise of fake medicines continues to take the pharmaceutical section by storm. As such, Healthureum finds it necessary to provide a list of trustworthy medicine distributors to ensure the quality of drugs administered to patients. Through the use of codes offered by manufacturers during the processing stage, the system can track the prescription of medications to various patients. Armed with an option to recall medicines administered to patients at a given time frame, it becomes easier to curb the use of counterfeit drugs thus ensuring speedy recovery of patients.

Combating Operational Fraud in Hospitals

Operational fraud is rarely detected in hospitals even as it is the highest cause of hospital operational costs at the present. Healthureum works towards ending the menace through strict guidelines because the use of computers to store information makes it hard for future alterations.

In Closing

Healthureum IT-enabled systems aim to quicken access to medical services, create accountability in medical claims, rule out fraud in operational procedures, counter fake drugs and expose quack healthcare providers.more info please visit


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