You Only Have One –Your body And Healthureum

It’s so bad that we don’t have a spare body.

When it comes to maintaining the one the one we have to stay healthy, we are always ready to spend down to our last penny.

Although the healthcare industry is one of the biggest businesses in the word, it’s faced with enormous challenges.

Have you ever been sick and someone just comes and chats with you and immediately you feel like you are already healed. Healthcare provision should not be based on medicinal treatments. Even the process should be simplified.

In this article, we will look deeper at what ails the healthcare industry and how best to patch it up.

Let’s look at the five crucial areas that are in ‘emergency’ condition and needs resuscitation before it’s too late.

  1. Counterfeit drugs.

Counterfeits are everywhere. But the situation in the health industry is quickly deteriorating. Counterfeit drugs are seen as viable alternatives in reducing the cost of medication. Counterfeits are cheaper than branded drugs.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, sixteen percent of these counterfeits contain misleading ingredients. And the resulting effect, users will never know how a healthy body feels like.

Since the healthcare industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry, counterfeits easily find their way into patients’ bodies. Sometimes even the knowledge of the healthcare providers because there is a very thin line between the appearance of a counterfeit and an original.

Unless the medical drugs supply chain is easily traceable and verifiable, it will be hard to deal with counterfeits.

  1. Affordable health care.

Affordable means good. Most diseases get to the chronic stages because of not being treated early enough. The biggest reason for this is the patient seeking sub-standard health care just because they are cheaper.

This further complicates the treatment process of the disease once it’s properly identified.

  1. Hidden agendas in the operational procedures.

You have the right to access your data. It’s your data.

But health care providers tend to deny you these right especially when you have cleared your hospital bills.

This cheeky game of denial is often played by the accounts department and or the claims office. They simply harass you on something which is rightfully yours.

  1. Data management.

With medical care providers, there is no standard way of recording patient information or even how much of the information they should have on you.

This prevents the meaningful exchange of data between the medical providers. And each time you visit a different medical care provider they have to record your information once more in a way that works best for them.

  1. Vetted healthcare providers.

In a bid to seek cheaper medical attention, patients often find themselves in the hands of unqualified medical practitioners.

Hence the many real-life stories we have had of wrongly done surgeries or treatment wrongly administered.

How best is Healthureum suited to bring normalcy to these areas.

For each of the point stated above, let’s look at Healthureum as a solution.

  1. Counterfeit drugs.

Since Healthureum is an elaborate ecosystem, it has features for accurate tracking of drugs. From manufacture to usage.

Patients using new drugs can also be closely monitored for any undesired symptoms and action taken early enough.

  1. Affordable health care.

Healthureum offers quality and cheaper healthcare to all without the need to look elsewhere outside the Healthureum ecosystem.

  1. Hidden agendas in the operational procedures.

Since it’s your data, you own it and Healthureum guarantees it. With their cutting-edge technology, the blockchain, which offers a decentralized data management approach, no one holds your data ‘hostage’. You have the full rights to your own data including who has access and what they can do with that access. Can they add or subtract to your record?

  1. Data management.

With Healthureum, there is a preset way in which all data is recorded and managed. This offers easier and quicker exchange and interoperability of data between healthcare providers

It also eradicates the replication of data across users.

  1. Vetted healthcare providers.

No health care provider is allowed on the Healthureum ecosystem without being properly and thoroughly screened before they are approved.

This reduces the risk of patients falling into the hands of unqualified healthcare givers.

It also reduces the recovery time for patients since their handlers are qualified.

In conclusion.

You only have one body. If there is a way of preventing from falling into bad hands during treatment, it does not matter the cost.

The best part is…

You have Healthureum which goes the extra mile to give your body the best healthcare solution it deserves. more info please visit



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