Why It Is Necessary To Adopt Healthureum In The Healthcare Industry?

The entire Healthcare Industry all around the globe is facing a threatening crisis. The experts have already warned the industry that by 2020 the Global Healthcare expense is going to increase over $8.7 trillion. Also, from this amount over $4 trillion is expected to be spent on various incurable diseases. Even now we can see the increased number of cases of diabetes, cancer, and other kinds of life-threatening ailments. With the tremendous increase in the number of patients with such diseases, the inequality in healthcare has arisen greatly.

In addition to various incurable diseases, the rising pollution level has also contributed a large number of related diseases. In such a situation when Healthcare industry is finding innovative ways to increase the life expectancy by 2020, it seems quite difficult to expect a completely healthy life.

The expected rise in Healthcare expenditure has also made the healthcare services reachable only to the wealthy people only. Medium salaried people only have the option to rush to the public healthcare centers, where medical service delivery is quite slow. Around the world, there are many countries and locations where people are dying due to lack of doctors, proper vaccines, as well as antibiotics. This inequality has been caused due to the rise in healthcare services which is a result of the rise in global healthcare expenditure.

Increased medical costs are not only the reason behind increased death rate all around the globe but there are several other factors that are affecting the efficiency and quality of healthcare. The counterfeit drug is another major issue that our current health care system is facing. According to the studies, annually, over 100000 deaths are being reported because of the counterfeit drugs. The counterfeit drug industry is reported to be making over $20 million in one year. And this element fleet filtration seems to be unavoidable by the governments all around the world. For all these problems that our current Healthcare industry is facing we definitely need a strong and transparent system that can eliminate all the flaws and inefficiencies from the industry and make the Healthcare services accessible and reachable to every single person.

How is Healthureum Going to Help?

The founders of the project Healthureum understand all such problems in the Healthcare industry and therefore have taken this initiative to offer such a reliable system to the industry and the patients so that Healthcare can work without any external influence and inefficiency. Let’s explore how this project is going to improve the current healthcare sector condition.

Making Healthcare Affordable

One of the major causes of increased Healthcare cost is the uneven distribution of medical resources for building Healthcare infrastructure. There are many rural areas around the world where people don’t even have an idea of what a quality Healthcare is. There are certain Areas where people have to travel miles of distance in order to have the medical checkup or a proper doctor consultation. The Blockchain based Healthureum has contributed in filling the gap between public and Healthcare institutions by giving an easy system to the patients with which they can get access to all their medical records and also have a remote consultation with doctors.

Eradicating Frauds

There is the presence of some dishonest persons that utilize the medical funds or donations for their personal use. As a result Healthcare institutions lack funds for incorporating the latest technology to this field and combat various inefficiencies. Healthureum aims to eradicate all such frauds by keeping track of all the funds that have been procured by the industry. This system helps to monitor the activities where the funds are being utilized. It will help healthcare sector to have the proper utilization of the available funds and also plan the infrastructure budget for the upcoming year.

No to medical record manipulations

Medical record manipulation or tempering is one of the main causes of medical service inefficiency. This project has also been initiated to eliminate this issue. On Healthureum, the patients will have the right to store, manage and share medical data. Also only the patient and associated physician can have access to view the data. Only permissioned data can be viewed by the third party upon sharing. If someone tries to manipulate the medical records all the member of the platform will be notified of the changes.

Understanding all the problems that our current health care has, it obviously seems necessary to incorporate such a transparent and secure technology in action. Since healthcare industry is the backbone of any country, so for the whole world to progress it is crucial to revolutionize this sector as soon as possible.


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