What Value Proposition Does Healthureum Add to the Society?

With the escalating cost of healthcare, there is need to look for ways where the burden of access health services is distributed equally to the entire stakeholder and make it affordable to the ordinary patient in the society to ease. With the Healthureum, value addition to the vulnerable population is under focus.

The Healthureum healthcare project is large scale and focuses on a wide range of issues. The ecosystem aims at bringing all the players into to their fold to alleviate the condition of the global society where high quality and outcome-oriented medical care is perceived and a luxury and not a necessity. This is a single platform based on the c blockchain technology seeking to transform how health systems operate in the delivery of universal health services.

The driving force behind Healthureum is to create a system that is a future proof of healthcare management. This is a long-term project that focuses on changing the lives of patients and other affiliated users and providers. However, it is not good to look at the application in terms of financial gains. The bigger picture is the value addition to all participants.

As much as the value added to the society cannot by the number of participants, customer experience and satisfaction is the goal. When there are better outcomes and recuperation time frames are improved, the entire society feels as part of the innovative healthcare system. When populations are healthy, they can achieve more in terms of productivity and development.

By revolutionizing the health sector, Healthureum uses tokens, (HHEM) in their bid to standardize all health processes and services. When you seek services from the system, you use HHEM as a payment method. This way, middlemen that have been fleecing the patients are eliminated from the healthcare sector. These are known to inflate the cost of accessing medical care and draining the resources of the vulnerable.

The Healthureum application gives its participants to choose the right treatment regimens at a cost they can afford. You only pay for the outcome and not the procedure used. This allows practitioners to up their game and gives the best to the consumer. When transactions are transparent, patients can monitor what value they are gaining from the system. They are able to budget accurately on what they need to save for their medical care.

When it comes to population healthcare data management and research, sample populations have a greater say on how their data is to be utilized. As a user, you can decide to donate your health information to those in need thus saving hem a few dollars that can help them better their lives in a different way.

Healthureum helps you get rewarded by sharing your data for research or clinical trials. This is some kind of giving back to the community that supports the system. However, whether you are giving your data to be used or expecting rewards for it, you are helping in making the society a better place for all.

Sharing medical data sharing across populations helps researchers cut down on the cost of projects and the funds are channeled towards ensuring the platform participants get the best outcomes from the data collected. There is no more duplication of data, and the funds are channeled to healthcare facility improvement as well as equipping the same with modern facilities.

The system is set to eliminate the existing gap between public and private healthcare. There are some disparities between the rich and poor as reflected on the services that are offered in private health institutions and the public ones. Those who cannot afford high-quality care are condemned to public health institutions by default.

However, Healthureum seeks to standardize this through a simple but yet complex application that helps to streamline the healthcare data management. The system brings onboard the best practitioners from across the world to offer their services to all at a rate that each can afford. Every participant in the platform will have access to quality healthcare, the best doctors and the most advanced healthcare facilities.

When data is decentralized and shared across millions of computers across the globe, users become the custodians of their healthcare records.  Once Healthureum involves the community, it is easy for more to come onboard and enjoy the benefits of a decentralized system that offers affordable healthcare solutions to those who are endowed with resources and those without. more info please visit https://www.healthureum.io/


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