What Do You Need to Know About Healthureum?

Healthureum is a current advancement in the realm of cryptocurrency that has been developed combing healthcare and Blockchain together with a mission to come up with a single platform that can revolutionize the whole world of the healthcare industry. The Ethereum Blockchain based Healthureum has been designed with the motive to improve the services of our healthcare system by making it more proactive and interactive. Healthureum has been developed combing Blockchain with Smart Contract technology.

Token – The Medium of Transaction

The medium of transactions opted by the Healthureum is token. Each and every transaction of the Healthureum is based on the tokenization. The Healthureum token HHEM will be the medium of making payments to the practitioners for the services rendered to the patients. In addition to the healthcare delivery payments, there will be different kinds of transactions involved with this system. Those will include funding for projects, making payments to supply chain, laboratories and diagnostic centers etc. For all the transaction purposes the only means of payment would be token. The token will be required to purchase first by every single party, and then payments would be made through the tokens.

Understanding the Scope of Work

With Healthureum all kinds of healthcare services will be run through Blockchain technology which assures the complete safety and security of information as well transactions to be made through it. It also eliminates the inclusion of any third party from the payment system thus keeping transparency between the two parties.

Healthureum gives you real-time access to your complete set of data instantly. Patients will be the sole owner and controller of their data. Their medical records will only be accessible to their respective physicians.

Availability of Financial Support for Treatment

There may be instances when patients have to suffer from the financial crisis and for making a good quality treatment available they often have to sell their properties, get medical loans and all. Healthureum comes forward to support patients in such situations as well. With Healthureum patients can have access to the loan for getting the required treatment. These loans are also provided by Healthureum in the form of tokens. And upon the availability of funds, patients can repay the loan through Healthureum itself. The schedule of repayment of the loan is decided by the smart contract technology.

Efficient Medical Record Management

One of the major problems that our current healthcare system is facing is the unavailability of a well-organized system which can manage the medical data and information is a secure and reliable way. The poor data management system has given rise to inefficiencies in healthcare service delivery. The Blockchain enabled Healthureum offers a complete system for effective and efficient storage, management, and retrieval of medical records without any chance of manipulations or tampering. It ensures that patient medical records are safe and without any fear of loss or frauds.

Collaboration of Data facilitating Global Health Management

The Blockchain technology makes the Healthureum system a decentralized medical management system. It means that patient data stored in this system can be collaborated and shared among its network for better healthcare delivery. But the complete set of data is secured through cryptography. It means that only the permissioned data can be accessed by the permitted members of Healthureum. This data collaboration best serves in case of referral cases. The medical record management in this way not only saves time to a great extent but also makes the healthcare much more affordable and accessible. The mission of Healthureum by enabling a collaborative environment is to add some pace to the healthcare service delivery.

The enhanced collaboration among the patient, medical practitioners as well as different players of the industry is expected to help the healthcare by reaching to even very rural and inaccessible areas where people have to travel miles of distance to just have a quick consultation. With Healthureum patients may access their healthcare data anywhere whenever required and can even have video consultation through Healthureum platform. This ultimately will have a great contribution to improving the global health management. Medical institutions can also get access to a wide range of authentic and qualified supply chain as well as a medical equipment supplier. This way they can have a good infrastructure built while also managing their yearly budget effectively.

Once this system gets adopted by the Healthcare industry, Healthureum is expected to transform the global healthcare face in within next two years to a great extent. This change would definitely be bringing a trust among the patients for our healthcare system.



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