Ways in which Healthureum will Achieve Data Systemization

Healthureum is an ecosystem designed to bring services offered in the healthcare industry on the blockchain platform as a way of transforming healthcare management. It is one way of enabling patients to consolidate and store their data on a single platform which is encrypted making sure that stored data is safe and secure on the platform. Patients can combine their private information such as medical, personal or emergency data using the blockchain platform without doubts or frustrations.

The Essence of Data Systemization

The primary goal of using Healthureum in data systemization is to come up with a system that does not rely on trust. Patient data integrity and management is the main issue addressed by Healthureum. It does so by creating a system that allows storage of information and facilitates collaboration and sharing of data, as an approach to making positive changes in population health management. Examples of data that can be consolidated into the platform include:

  • Personal data.
  • Medical records.
  • Treatment plans.
  • Test results.
  • X-rays.

Data stored on the blockchain is done in a chronological order minimising chances of mismanagement or tampering. Its cryptographic nature is effective in mitigating the risk of illegal sharing of personal data as well as hacking. Accessing a patient’s medical history and data will be made easy thereby allowing patients to share their data with their doctors easily. Healthureum will enable hospitals and doctors to view a patient’s data and at the same time, update and add relevant information in real time.

Identifiable and Non-Identifiable Data

Medical data is of sensitive nature and therefore, should be handled with a lot of professionalism and care. Thus, the need to develop identification procedures to deal with both identifiable and non-identifiable data. Healthureum, using blockchain technology will allow authorized users to access data that an individual wants to share. In such a case where a patient wishes to allow a doctor to gain access to their medical history and data, they can do so by sharing their private key that makes identification possible. In cases where individuals want to volunteer for medical research programs to provide their data and not their identification, only the public key can be shared to enable viewing of the data only. The encryption method is useful as it creates permission layers which facilitate the privacy and security of data.

For an efficient outcome, different types of data are stored on and off the blockchain. The performance of the blockchain is primarily influenced by the format of files as well as the size of the data stored on the chain. Healthureum plays a vital role in keeping large data files off the chain as they can affect the overall performance of the blockchain. An example of such a file is the abstract MRI image. However, Healthureum adds encrypted links which directs it to a separate location containing the data.

The Role of Healthureum in Data Systemization

The main aim of Healthureum is to address patient data integrity while at the same time coming up with realistic frameworks that define the format and size of data to be submitted on the blockchain. It acts as a transaction layer for data sharing among users in a secured ecosystem through the integration and development of standardization in data sets. Achieving interoperability is the main objective of Healthureum. It ensures that it will be useful in sharing of data between patients and health organizations securely without compromising anyone’s privacy or the set regulations. The same approach can be used in healthcare institutions to enable collaboration between various departments. It is one effective strategy that can be used to prevent errors in billing and claims as well as fraud and achieve a healthy and pleasant patient experience.

Ultimate Goal of Healthureum

The ultimate goal of Healthureum is to be successfully adopted and integrated into the healthcare system. It hopes to be incorporated into healthcare clinics, health care homes, nursing homes and medical institutions to ensure that data can be shared among doctors, patients, laboratories, and departments. Healthureum will also ensure better handling of patient records. Such a manoeuvre will enable the industry to achieve social responsibility, security, and standardization. If successful adoption of Healthureum takes place, it will be the most dynamic and unified ecosystem that will truly revolutionize the healthcare sector. A large demand for the use of the platform is anticipated once services become active on the platform. It might even offer the potential for the Healthureum platform to get listed.  more info please visit https://www.healthureum.io/


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