How is Blockchain Best Suitable Solution for Healthcare Industry?

The global healthcare industry opts the technological changes very slowly and this slow adopting nature of healthcare has made it to progress in a delayed motion. Whereas by 2020, the global healthcare expenses are expected to increase 2.4% to 7.5% which means that the healthcare services are going to be uncontrollably expensive. This condition will not only make patients bother about their health but various healthcare institutions will have to face the effects of this crisis. To prevent such critical conditions healthcare industry needs an ideal management solution that can eliminate all the inefficiencies from the industry thus making healthcare accessible to every single element of the global society.

Major Flaws in Current Healthcare

There are some major flaws in our current healthcare system that makes healthcare practices full of inefficiencies. This not only offers distress to the patients who suffer from these inefficiencies but also contribute to poor global health. The main reasons for these inefficiencies include:

  • Lack of an organized medical record management system
  • Identifying authenticity of professional doctors is almost impossible
  • Frauds and counterfeit drugs
  • Data manipulations and tempering
  • Unavailability of means of medical record collaboration
  • Delayed processing time and thus delayed treatments

And many more.

What is Blockchain and how it can help?

The Blockchain is a kind of digital ledger of the transactions that are of decentralized nature. The decentralization of data implies that the data stored with Blockchain is distributed among the different users of this network. The data maintained with the Blockchain is secured through the cryptography and thus cannot be altered without any consent.

This Blockchain technology has played an important role in changing the faces of different kinds of businesses. And now it is going to be implemented in the healthcare industry. The Blockchain based system names Healthureum has been launched with the mission to improve the healthcare industry by offering a system that can securely upkeep the medical records while also facilitating data collaboration and sharing. In spite of having a decentralized system, Blockchain ensures that all kinds of data stored on Healthureum is protected and cannot be tempered.

The data stored is stored in permissioned and permission less forms. The owner of the data will have the right to share the data with any particular Blockchain member through the Healthureum token HHEM. Also, whenever any individual will try to make changes to the data, those changes will be made visible to every member of this system hence enhancing transparency and accountability.

Healthcare industry has the inclusion of different kinds of players within it. Those players include physicians, drug supply chain, medical equipment and infrastructure supply chain, laboratories and more. On the Healthureum, the Blockchain technology enables all those players to get connected through a single interface and thus track every single movement of every healthcare player. Also, the supply chain and infrastructure chain can track the demand and usage of the equipment by healthcare institutions and hence make the resources available whenever required.

Also, the incorporation of Blockchain in the healthcare can make the industry grab the required pace as with Blockchain the data can collaborate across the multiple healthcare institutions whenever patients get referred to one physician to another. This not only saves the time but also reduce a significant amount of data management work for which a large number of employees need to be hired. The collaborative environment of Blockchain based Healthureum also contributes to global health management as medical records across the globe can be collaborated thus helping in making healthcare accessible to the majority of the population.

The Blockchain utilizes secure payment system to carry out all the transactions through the Healthureum. It uses tokenization methods to send or receive payments. There are different kinds of payments that are made through Healthureum. These include payments for services delivered, funding the projects, paying for medical infrastructure and more. All these payment tractions are fully protected and secure.

In spite of the collaborative nature of Blockchain technology, all the medical data and information are protected through the cryptography. It means data can be accessed only by the permitted user. Even if users are intended to contribute data for research purposes only the medical records are shared. Personal data of patients are never shared through the platform at all.

With the beginning of the Healthureum, this Blockchain based system is going to be a game changer in transforming the face of healthcare industry thus making healthcare access as much convenient as possible. more info please visit


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