How does Healthureum HHEM Token work in Healthcare?

With the continuing acceptance of the blockchain technology has led to many innovations with the latest on being in the healthcare sector. Healthureum has its own cryptocurrency (HHEM) that participants use to pay for the services rendered on the platform.  This token helps user access services seamlessly any time need arises.

Accessing services on the Healthureum platform using tokens is easy and reduces the time taken for a patient to seek and get treatment. However, you need to fund your account or wallet with the tokens in order to make payments and other transactions. The platform does not accept fiat money or credit cards.

To get your first HHEM tokens, you need to change your fiat money to either Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). There are many exchanges that will help you convert your currency. Once you have your cryptocurrencies, you can have over to Healthureum and purchase your HHEM tokens.  There is not limit of how many you can purchase as this will depend on your healthcare needs.

Every participant can have one or more accounts depending on their budget. However, you cannot share your account with your friends or family members. Your account only carries your bio-data and medical record history which is unique to you. If you want to pay for another patient, you need to transfer funds to their account for them to pay for their unique services.

When every patient has an account, the platform connects them with doctors and health care insurers. Any time you need health services, all you have to check your balance to ensure you have sufficient funds.  You do not have to visit any health center; you just use your computer or laptop, access the Healthureum application and use the video function to consult with the right practitioner.

After consultations, you and your doctor agree on the way forward. You give the practitioner authority to amend your health records using your private key. These records come in handy when you are referred to the next level. In the event you are referred to the next level, less time is spent accessing your updated information. The data is highly secured and cannot be manipulated as it changes hands due to Healthureum immutability capabilities.

Every process you go through is charged a set amount of HHEM tokens irrespective of the facility you are referred to or the practitioner attending to you. This harmonized the healthcare transactions between the private and public health sectors. With this, the cost of processing funds is reduced and the benefits passed on to the patients. Since the HHEM tokens are platform based, less time is spent on transactions translating to the speedy administration of treatments.

With a pre-paid healthcare system, patients have peace of mind since they are assured of medical care once emergencies strike.  Have substantial HHEM tokens guarantees you treatment and other services anywhere where you can access the application. You cannot be denied medical treatment simply because you are not in your home country; your data can be accessed anywhere in the world by any Healthureum affiliate health facility or doctor.

With the system, you rent space where you store your medical records. There more you require the more you are surcharged when due. For big files like x-rays and scans, the system stores them off-chain to maximize the available space since they tend to slow down the speed of transactions. You access these files when you need through a dedicated link.

Using the Healthureum HHEM tokens has its own advantages when it comes to transactions. You only interact with the medium on the platform, and you do not have to worry about other processors. On the other hand, your private’s keys authorize all transactions t your account; however, you can add additional security layers if you so wish.

The system allows you to get rewarded when you let others use your healthcare data for research and clinical trials. As a peer to peer platform, you only deal with specific providers depending on your needs; however, there are no restrictions on the level of interaction. You choose the service to go for depending on the amount of HHEM you are willing to spend.

When tokens are used on the Healthureum ecosystem, transactions can easily be traced in a transparent manner. Unlike in the traditional healthcare systems, you monitor your expenditure versus the service you have received, and you only pay for the outcome rather than the process or procedure.  This makes the platform competitive for high-quality healthcare. more info please visit


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