How a Blockchain Powered Healthureum Will Operate in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is riddled with plenty of problems and risks that slow down service delivery. The industry has been trying for the longest time to mitigate these risks. An innovation, Healthureum, has caught the attention of stakeholders and participants in the industry who have seen its potential in eliminating such hazards. With the healthcare expenditure expected to hit 7.5% in 2020, any innovative strategy that can reduce these expenses is a welcome strategy.

Healthureum is designed to operate on the Ethereum based platform. It will integrate both smart contract and blockchain technology. Both of these techniques will fuse together to provide a platform that offers participants in the healthcare sector a secure concrete platform. In Japan, the METI program rewards companies that tend to engage in healthcare activities such as preventive care and productivity. Healthureum intends to use such kind of a system whereby any participants in the network that facilitate services and transactions to take place within the platform are rewarded with tokens.

What are Healthureum Tokens?

Healthureum tokens are the platform’s preferred way of paying for any services that are rendered on the platform. The reason for this is to facilitate the purchase and payment of services within the same ecosystem. The tokens are developed on the Ethereum based platform enabling the smooth deployment of smart contracts. Smart contracts allow transactions to self-execute after particular requirements within the agreement are met.

How are the Tokens to be Made Available?

Healthureum will make use of TGE. TGE stands for Token Generation Event. The Token Generation Event will be an event whereby tokens will be made available for purchase to facilitate funding of the Healthureum project. The tokens are presumed to cost about $3.53 a token. They will act as a decentralized method of purchasing and accessing any service rendered upon the platform.

Features of the tokens

  • The tokens as abbreviated as HHEM.
  • The token will operate on the Ethereum blockchain platform.
  • The token meets the ERC20 standard.
  • The total supply of tokens will be approximately 150 million.
  • The TGE (Token Generation Event), will supply 32.7 million tokens.
  • The price of each token is estimated to be $ 3.53.
  • The tokens can also be purchased with Bitcoins, Ethereum and Ethconnect.

Functions of the Tokens

The HHEM platform will be used for every transaction that takes place on the platform. It will facilitate the purchasing of services offered on the platform while making payment easy, fast, reliable and secure. It is made so through the use of cryptography. Some of the functions of the tokens include:

  • Service charge for the storage, management, purchase, repair, and use of medical data.
  • Reward to medical practitioners who offer their services such as consultations on the platform.
  • Reward to medical laboratories that conduct tests on the platform.
  • Service charge to be allowed to participate in research programs.
  • Service fee for any donations made towards philanthropic activities provided through the Healthureum platform.

How will the Tokens Work

As suggested earlier, the HHEM token is an ERC20 token that is applied on Ethereum ecosystem. It has a pre-defined set of rules that govern its operation. These rules, when deployed on the Ethereum platform, will deploy smart contracts on the platform. Smart Contracts enable the transactions to execute without the need for human interaction or interference.

The smart contracts will enable the token to be pushed into the program. Once the terms of the contract are approved, the contract is automatically validated whereby the token will then get sent to wherever it is meant to go. The beauty of smart contracts as that they are operating without the need for human interaction. They can function on their own and can facilitate transactions when terms are met.

The Long-Term Strategy of Healthureum

The Healthureum project has a long-term strategy in place. It intends on using a milestone-based approach that best fits the project. It aims to do so in a matter of 30 to 36 months. There are five prime goals that the project intends to deliver over its lifetime. Healthureum is a prolonged solution that aims at bringing positive change to the healthcare industry. It does so through the use of Ethereum and smart contracts solutions for research and operational purposes. It will provide the most dynamic and cohesive ecosystem that will truly transform the healthcare sector. Though the token’s primary goal is utility, enormous demands are expected on the platform as services become activated. Also, more potential and appreciation will increase once its listed for trading.


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